PORT CHARLOTTE, FL— Walk into a tackle store on any corner of the planet and you’re guaranteed to find a few essentials. Even the most spartan stores carry them—monofilament line, hooks, and bucktail jigs.

They’re the barebones essentials for catching a fish. I’ve personally seen the proliferation of this trio from the remote out islands of the Bahamas to far-flung villages in Bulgaria. And while you’ll certainly find more advanced fishing line and hooks in most American tackle stores, the age-old bucktail jig has remained largely unchained around the world, until now.

Enter Westin’s new bucktail shrimp. It’s a redesigned take on the bucktail jig that takes one of fishing’s most tried-and-true lures and adds a new twist. The bucktail shrimp features a unique, shrimp-shaped head that provides an extremely erratic action in the water, just like a real shrimp. The lure is making its debut at ICAST 2019, but Florida-based fishing guru and Guidelines TV host Captain Jay Withers has already tested the bait in American waters.

“The action it has is very, very erratic,” Withers says. “That’s what bucktail jigs try to do as a whole. They try to mimic darting baitfish. But in Westin’s case, the bucktail shrimp has design features that help the lure dart side-to-side extremely well. With no trailer, the action is crazy. With a five-inch HypoTeez or ShadTeez trailer, it has a fantastic swimming action.”

Withers says the bucktail shrimp is the perfect bait for the upcoming fall season in Florida, where he’ll deploy it to take on a multitude of species offshore.

“It’s really a very unusual bucktail, because nobody has ever done one with a shrimp pattern head to my knowledge,” Withers concludes. “When I have it in my hands, I feel ready to crush grouper, snapper and amberjack.”

Westin Bucktail Shrimp Specs

A shrimp that really does give you bang for your buck: Westin Bucktail Shrimp Jig. Designed specifically for the American market, this feisty guy is right at home being jigged along the bottom or cast into a school of hunting fish. Midwater or bottom doesn’t matter, he will instantly whet the appetites of snook, redfish, stripers, tarpon and flounder if fished inshore, or grouper, cobia, snapper and amberjack if you take him offshore.

The attraction for this lure is the real shrimp head design and the hand-tied bucktail that creates a huge silhouette from below, giving it a nice pulsing action. You can up the stakes by using the added wire-keeper system too, to add trailers and tails of your choice. Even though this baby is designed with saltwater stalking in mind, it works just as well with freshwater species too – go on, surprise us by seeing what you can catch with it.


• Unique shrimp-head weight design

• Keeper system for trailer

• Ultra-sharp and strong sea fishing single hook

• High quality big silhouette bucktail

• Hand painted detailed colors