Westin Launches Two New Saltwater Lures

The Scandinavian based brand Westin will soon be launching two deadly and unique saltwater lures. The easy to fish and long casting Swim saltwater edition and the unique Flat Matt in two new body versions and sizes. Here are the details on both.


Suspending (Saltwater Edition) 4 3/4″ – 2 1/8oz

The Swim lure has many benefits – a compact shape, a realistic baitfish imitation design and the ability to cast like a bullet through the harshest wind. These benefits, while awesome for freshwater fishing, make the lure a perfect candidate to be a saltwater champion – so that’s exactly what we did. This saltwater edition of the Swim is aimed to target saltwater trophies like Redfish, Snook, Striped Bass, GT’s and many more thanks to some new saltwater-specific paintjobs and new extra strong hooks and split rings. 

The Swim is so easy to use, anyone could catch monsters on it. You can fish the swim with “pull and wind” or on a simple retrieve, either slowly or quickly, to create the action of a wounded, panicking baitfish and the panic can be increased with faster retrieves and regular pauses.

This salty cousin on one of our most successful lures just opened up a whole new world to anglers who prefer to be at sea.

  • Material: ABS plastic 
  • Lead Free Construction
  • Japanese-style 3X saltwater hooks
  • Full wire-through-body construction   
  • Long casting design 
  • Hand painted detailed colors 

Flat Matt

1 oz – 3 3/8″ & 3 oz – 5 1/8″

When you stare at him in your tackle box, Flat Matt may look just that: flat! But the second this guy hits the water he bursts into life with an incredibly realistic swimming action on the drop aided by the curly tail and side skirts around his wide-profile body that looks amazingly appetizing to any hungry predator. 

As with most of our lures, Matt is versatile. You can twitch and shimmy him along the bottom with subtle rod bumps, or retrieve him slowly to see him creep along. Alternatively, you can jig him faster and get him up into the pelagic zone – just make sure you’re ready for action because this sight might be too much for some predators to resist.

Flat Matt may not realize it, but his kind are a hugely important food source in the watery food chain, making this lure a certain day saver!

  • Ultra sharp and strong Japanese style sea fishing hook 
  • Hook size: Single #1/0 (28g), #5/0 (85g) 
  • Active 3D eyes 
  • Life-Like Lure
  • Easy action curl tail 
  • Durable hand painted detailed colors 

How to order

Dealers interested in Flat Matt, Swim, or any of the Westin catalog should contact Big Rock Sports or email Westin today to stock one of the most talked about overseas lure makers in North America today.

New Westin Team Member in North America

Capt. Jay Withers joins Team Westin to strengthen the brands saltwater profile. Jay has an impressive list of accomplishments and awards in saltwater angling as well as his guiding services. “Westin is excited to have Capt. Jay Withers joining our team of anglers from around the world” Says Barry Stockhaus , Westin General Sales Manager of North America.

At the top of his game

Capt. Jay Withers is a Co-Host of Guidelines TV, professional fishing guide and tournament angler. Born and raised in Ohio, his passion for fishing drove him to peruse his dreams in Florida. Over 15 years Jay has been running Silver Lining Charters near Boca Grande/Charlotte Harbor Florida. He has taken his love for the sport of fishing and shared it with thousands of guests with his guide service. As a technical angler, Jay likes to explore new presentations with artificial lures. His love for using artificial lures come from his largemouth bass fishing days in Ohio. The transition from freshwater to saltwater fishing has some similarities that he finds both exciting and challenging.

“With Capt. Withers experience both in tournament inshore saltwater fishing and daily guiding in the same fisheries, Westin is gaining a valuable person to help us grow the brand in this market” explains Westin’s Barry Stockhaus.

With over 20 nationally publicized articles written in several top magazines and well over 80 articles written by Capt. Whiters in various fishing publications. He is an active member of the Florida Outdoors Writers. Association and proud member of CCA Florida. His deep-rooted passion for teaching different techniques opens up many opportunities for his seminars at local clubs to large retailers.