Weego Partners with Team Rubicon in Disaster Relief Efforts

WESTAMPTON, N.J.  When a natural disaster strikes, Team Rubicon can now rely on Weego’s innovative Jump Starting Power Packs to help them provide disaster relief across the United States. Weego has partnered with and donated high-performance Weego 66 products to Team Rubicon disaster response teams in anticipation of another active season of hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and more. To generate cash support for Team Rubicon’s front-line efforts, Weego will also donate 10 percent of all myweego.com high-performance Jump Starting Power Pack sales during the month of September.

Team Rubicon is a nonprofit NGO that uniquely blends the skills and experiences of military veterans and first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams for immediate relief to those impacted by disasters and humanitarian crises. 
“When our teams land on the ground after a natural disaster, they find themselves in what can be described as a war zone with unstable populations, limited resources and uncertain information,” said Jake Wood, founder, Team Rubicon. “Having a reliable, compact, powerful, portable power source, that also has the ability to jump start any of our field vehicles and aid others, is vital to restoring a sense of normality. Also, having the capability of recharging phones and laptops in the line of duty ensures communications won’t stop in the most remote locations. We are truly grateful for the support of Weego in donating emergency response equipment for our field trucks across the country.”

The donated Weego 66 model is compact, ruggedly built, weather-resistant (rated IP65) and powerful. It’s the perfect aid in remote locations and during rebuilding efforts, one of Team Rubicon’s major impacts in their relief services. 
Since September is often an active month for hurricanes and other major weather-related events, particularly along the eastern coast of the United States, choosing to offer a percent-of-sales donation to Team Rubicon was only fitting to help bring more attention to emergency preparation. Weego will donate 10 percent of myweego.com Jump Starting Power Packs’ sales to Team Rubicon’s efforts. The online promotion runs from September 4-31, 2018.
“We are deeply inspired by the dedication of the 80,000 men and women volunteers of Team Rubicon,” said Gerry Toscani, CEO, Weego. “These volunteers lend a hand in some of the worst conditions imaginable during times when many are at their most desperate. We know that our contribution of Weego 66 and the donations from our online sales will make a difference for everyone on the front line.”
The four-in-one Weego 66, made for 12V gas and diesel engine systems, jump starts with 2500 peak amps and 600 cranking amps; is capable of bringing phones, tablets, laptops or other mobile devices back to life via 5V USB and 19V outputs; powers 12V portable accessories like air compressors, lanterns and camping equipment; and provides ultra-bright lighting functionality with a 600-lumen dual LED flashlight, complete with emergency strobe and SOS functions. Weego 66 is rated IP65 for water, dust and dirt resistance, able to handle inclement weather like a champ.

For more information on Weego 66 or the entire line of Weego high-performance Jump Starting Power Packs, visit www.myweego.com.