Wake Fishing’s new “Flee” soft plastic bait is designed to produce frantic action when worked near the surface, ringing the dinner bell for bass and other opportunistic freshwater game fish.

Unlike ordinary flip-tail plastics that rely solely on tail movement to draw strikes from hungry predators, the Flee naturally produces a unique side-to-side darting motion as it sinks and on the retrieve , replicating the movements of a frightened forage fish swimming for its life. Its unique design even allows the Wake Fishing Flee to make complete 360-degree loops on the drop. Work the Flee back to the boat with a fast steady retrieve, or even “jump” it out of the water, to create the fish-attracting commotion of a surface chase.

Every Flee features a rugged, super sharp hook, so you can expect solid positive hook-sets whenever a fish pounces on your bait. Wake Fishing offers the Flee in sizes ranging from three to seven inches and a wide variety of colors/patterns that mirror the appearance of favorite prey species.

For more information on the Flee, or Wake Fishing’s complete selection of high quality lures, reels, rods, line and accessories, visit: www.wakefishing.com.