Vicious Fishing® … X-ACTly What Anglers Need

PELL CITY, AL – Vicious Fishing is excited to announce the launch of two new Vicious Fishing line products, Vicious Fishing Mono Leader and Vicious Fishing X-A.C.T. Copolymer at the upcoming ICAST show in Las Vegas.

Vicious Fishing X-A.C.T. is the latest addition to the Vicious Fishing premium line-up and was developed with the hardcore weekend angler in mind. Representing the next generation of Vicious Advanced Copolymer Technology, X-A.C.T. is made in the U.S.A. and pro-engineered to meet the needs of today’s tournament angler. Maintaining the high tensile strength and superior castability our copolymer is known for, this line also features a double coating to ensure abrasion resistance and delivers one of the lowest stretches on the market, making it the “X-ACT” combination of strength, sensitivity and handling needed by the serious angler. The line will be available in 10-50lb test, clear only, and is sold in 100 yard, 330 yard, 1/4lb, 1lb and 2lb spools. The product MSRP is $4.99 and up.

The new Vicious Salt Mono Leader will be manufactured from 15lb test up to 400lb test and in clear only. The new line utilizes the Vicious Advanced Copolymer Technology (A.C.T.) which increases abrasion resistance and overall knot strength. Having such a large range in test options allows the product to be used both in-shore and off-shore. The product is currently being sold in 50 yard spools and retails for $2.99 and up.

“Our pro staff and tournament team guys have been asking us to come out with a premium copolymer for several years,” stated Jeff Martin, Vicious Fishing President. “So, we are excited to be delivering another tournament-grade product to our line offering and feel like the weekend anglers are going to love what they feel.”

By offering premium fishing line, apparel and other angling products at an exceptional value, Vicious Fishing was inspired by the everyday angler. Today’s angler deserves quality, durability and reliability in their gear and Vicious delivers all of that with attitude. Vicious Fishing headquarters are located in Pell City, AL. For more information regarding Vicious Fishing and its family of products, visit or call 866-645-0024.

Greg Meunier