Vexilar SonarPhone App–For Free

Minneapolis, MN. Vexilar, the world leader in WiFi sonar technologies is excited to release their SonarPhone app to the world for FREE. Now anglers can see for FREE how amazing this new technology will be for fishing and boating. The FREE SonarPhone App is the first of its kind in the world and those who download the App have no obligation to buy anything!

SonarPhone is the world’s first WiFi soar technology that is NOT a repeater system that requires you buy a sonar system and then a WiFi repeater box. Nor is it a primitive toy that might be lucky to give you a digital depth readout. Vexilar encourages you to download the Free SonarPhone app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and test drive the powerful demo mode. If you like what you see, than you can buy one of three SonarPhone systems. SonarPhone WiFi sonar is a high definition, color, touch screen sonar system that will rival permanent base sonar systems costing hundreds more.

“Containers of SonarPhone T-Pods are arriving just in time to meet the Christmas demand” Stated Corey Studer from Vexilar. “Most ask if the SonarPhone works for Ice fishing, since Vexilar Flasher sonar technology rules the winter market. Sorry to report, SonarPhone is NOT designed for ice fishing by Vexilar standards, but will work the same as other standard LCD sonar systems.”

You will not need phone reception to use SonarPhone since it generates its own WiFi Hotspot for a 100 yard radius from the transmitter. The SonarPhone is available in three options, the SP100 T-POD, ($129.995) the ultimate in portable sonar technology you can cast it, throw it from shore or pull behind your kayak. The SP200 ($149.95) is a powerful dual beam WiFi sonar system for permanently mounting the SonarPhone in your boat and the SP300 – ($199.95) A portable carry case system with rechargeable battery and a suction cup mount lets you take SonarPhone anywhere.

Shipping for Christmas, The SonarPhone Free App is available NOW for review and testing and the same FRE E SonarPhone App will be used to receive the SonarPhone WiFi signal… One transmitter can be viewed by an unlimited number of viewers, so everyone can enjoy watching and using Sonarphone.

SonarPhone is the perfect Christmas give idea for the fisherman or boater who has everything…

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