Vexilar Awarded Second Patent for WiFi Sonar Technology

Minneapolis, MN— Vexilar, one of the oldest and most respected sonar/fish finder brands in the world was recently awarded a second Patent from the United States government for their innovative WiFi sonar/fish finder product now with GPS: US Patent #9,989,639.  Last year, the first WiFi sonar patent was awarded to Vexilar. (US Patent #9,628,592) The Sonarphone WiFi Patent technology involves the downloading of an app to a smart device that links to a self- contained WiFi based sonar transmitter system to turn a phone or tablet into a high resolution, touch screen sonar display.  

The SonarPhone WiFi product has been on the market for five years and many similar products have sprung-up over this period. Vexilar has continued to develop next generation WiFi sonar and were recently awarded a second patent based once more around this WiFi technology and this time involving GPS as well.

“This second patent on WiFi SonarPhone technology establishes once and for all that Vexilar is the clear leader and innovator in this category around the world,” stated Tom Zenanko, Marketing Manager for Vexilar.  “We have successfully established license agreements for our technology with several companies around the world and we hope the last few who have not signed on will realize the issuance of our second WiFi Patent confirms our commitment to dominate the WiFi sonar technology sector world-wide.” 

While most major brands of sonar currently offer the option of a WiFi repeater signal to transmit data from their primary sonar display, SonarPhone WiFi technology goes directly to a smart device thus making this technology much cheaper and easier to install in boats. The cost of the WiFi sonar technology is what is shocking to the marine industry since, traditional sonar companies make their money selling large displays, and not in the technology that drives it.    

Smart devices are quickly moving into the marine industry. You can make phone calls, watch the weather, stream movies, take photos and use over a million apps, so why not use it as your sonar/fish finder. Strategic partners like Navionics allow for sonar/GPS mapping and you can even make your own Sonar Charts Live  using the Navionics app that has SonarPhone integrated into every app you download. 

To learn more about SonarPhone go to  or visit the app store and download the free app and check out the features yourself. Keyword: SonarPhone