UV Technology Pays Off For Panther Martin

Although there are still many variables in how ultraviolet (UV) light is seen by fish and how it affects their feeding behavior, few observers will deny that lures finished with UV colors do attract fish.

UV light is the high-frequency band of light given off naturally by the sun. Because fish have more light-sensing cones in their eyes, they can see UV but the human eye cannot. Importantly, some fish species, can see UV at significant depths below the surface and under different surface light conditions.

The best way to demonstrate what fish see, is to direct a black light on UV finished lures. They glow and pop dramatically.

Cecil Hoge, co-owner and President of classic, inline Panther Martin spinners, did extensive testing with UV color finishes as well as the addition of black lines across its fluorescent-colored spinner blades. When spinning, the blades created an unusually, multi-dimensional effect. And an innovative new line extension of the brand soon followed.

The new Panther Martin UV-finished spinners did not go unnoticed by the retail tackle trade. Dick’s Sporting Goods chain, which usually stocks two to three SKUs of Panther Martin spinners, increased their order to 18 SKUs, all UV, according to Cecil.

Cabela’s also believed in the UV concept and has increased its offering of Panther Martin UV Lures.

Digital printing of the new UV Panther Martin spinners is more durable than paint and also more consistent. The company is confident about its UV line and plans to expand into lures used in salmon and steelhead fishing. Hoge told FTR that the company introduced 80 new products for 2013.