Use Real Examples To Sell More

Anyone who has sold fishing tackle for a few years knows how to sell product. They may know too much though for their own good. Customers do not always like to be told what they need to buy. Many prefer to come to that realization on their own. How can you direct a customer’s thought process to realizing what they need instead of telling them directly? Use examples. Examples, or metaphors, have been around for ages. Why? Because they work.

Instead of saying you need this lure, this rod or reel, give them an example of another customer you recently helped, or a friend. Explain how they were looking to fish a certain way or target a certain species and you helped them out by selling them the following goods. Explain the benefits your customer experienced from using this equipment and how pleased they were. Just make sure the example is real and truthful. Nothing is worse than getting caught in an exaggeration or a lie.

Using examples and letting your customer realize what they need will help close sales that you may have lost because of telling them what they need.