Uncle Josh Becomes Full Sponsor of John Gillespie’s Waters and Woods

Fort Atkinson, WI: Continuing Uncle Josh’s aggressive new marketing plan, beginning in September of 2013, Uncle Josh will become a full sponsor of John Gillespie’s Water and Woods television show.

“This is another way we are going to support our valued dealer base,” said Kurt Kellogg, owner of Uncle Josh. “John’s show is brand new each week for a full 52 weeks a year so we will be able to drive people through the doors of our retailers at just the right time seasonally. Whether it’s our Beaver Dam Tips in the winter or our Kalin’s and Pork products in the summer- there will be continuous support for our dealer network.”

Gillespie has used Uncle Josh products for years but now will fully be able to utilize all of their offerings.

“I’ve had Matt, their sales manager on my show for years,” Gillespie said. “Uncle Josh is really coming out with a lot of new products and they are right in the wheelhouse of fish I like to target. I’m really fired up about their new Sizmic line of grubs, swim baits and worms and their Pork products offer a great alternative to live bait. They catch fish as good as live bait without any of the hassle or mess.”

The show fits in perfectly for the target-market of the Midwest for Uncle Josh but also has some national exposure too.

“John’s show airs in 14-million key homes that we want to reach,” said Matt Bichanich, Uncle Josh’s national sales manager. “He going to help us move a lot of product for our retailers in those areas and once more people get exposed to our brands and word-of-mouth spreads about their effectiveness- LOOK OUT!”