Ultra-sensitive Team Northland Lite-Bite Ice Floats

Bemidji, Minn. – When the bite is so tentative that fish barely wrap their lips around your bait, no ordinary bobber will do. It’s time to break the mold and break out the foam. Floats, that is.

Float fishing is an exact science. A float that barely balances your bait suspended below is so sensitive that fish that even breathe on your bait trigger a hair’s-breadth dip or rise in the float’s position straddling the surface. The slightest twitch or change may indicate a quick mouth-and-spit, more of a taste test than a meal. If that’s the only signal finicky panfish or walleyes provide, you need to be ready to react at the slightest provocation. Because if you can’t detect their subtle cues and clues, you’re out of luck.”

“TEAM NORTHLAND®LITE-BITE™ ICE FLOATS provide the ultimate in subtle bite detection,” saysTeam Northland® Pro-Staffer Scott Glorvigen, one of the famed Glorvigen fishing twins who ply a wealth of North Country lakes for all manner of fish during brutally long, cold Minnesota winters. “You either need to precisely balance your float rig by adding exactly the right size and number of split shot to your line, which is both tedious and time-consuming. Or, you do it the faster, easier way, by trimming your float to exactly balance the weight of your bait or lure. I highly recommend the latter!

“LITE-BITE™ ICE FLOATS are constructed from closed cell foam, which is easily trimmable with a small scissors to fine-tune buoyancy. Just detach the Float Base, nip off a little foam with your scissors, and reinsert the Base. Then lower your rig into the water to test the buoyancy. Ideally, you want your float about half in and half out of the water for fishing in open water, subject to wave motion. For ice fishing, you can adjust the float so it sits deeper in the water, barely extending above the surface. That way, the slightest twitch or movement becomes highly obvious. When you see something out of the norm, set the hook!The LITE-BITE™ ICE FLOAT features a custom “Line-Friendly,” “Removable” Slip-N-Slide™ “Cork-Screw” Float Base that allows you to quickly insert your line for use, and just as quickly remove it for detachment from your line. Both the base and the “Hi-Vis” Strike Indicator Tip have a “Neon” Super-Glo® finish that enables you to see more strikes during “prime time” low-light feeding periods. It is available in both 3″ and 5″ sizes, with the smaller version recommended for use with jigs up to 1/8-oz.