Typhoon Offers Pro Fishing Guide Discount Program

Typhoon® polarized sunglasses is proud to announce a new discount program designed specifically for professional fishing guides. Typhoon has become a very popular fishing sunglass brand within the fishing community through sponsorship of FLW® and other pro anglers for the past few years. Typhoon has created this program to allow for all pro fishing guides to receive a major discount on Typhoon sunglasses and accessories. All professional fishing guides should apply for a Typhoon Pro Fishing Guide Discount at Typhoon.com.

Typhoon is a leading manufacturer of optical polarized polycarbonate lens sunglasses, including polarized sunglasses readers. Typhoon’s are all equipped with the exclusive AquaView® lens which has become a favorite of both the recreational and professional anglers. The AquaView lens has a proprietary hard coating that repels water, is smudge-proof and has an anti-static charge to prevent dust build-up. Currently the AquaView lens is available in the visually clear colors of Sunset Brown, Copper Rose and Horizon Grey. The AquaView is also available as a, 10% light transmission, Meridian Green or Meridian Blue UltraGlare™ lens. In addition Typhoon offers the AquaView® II lens – a bifocal sunglasses lens – which features an integrated +1.5, +2.0 and +2.5 power reading lens.