Tycoon Tackle, Inc. Adds Arostegui to Pro-Staff

WAYNESBORO, VIRGINIA – Today, Tycoon Tackle, Inc. announced the addition of Martin C. “Martini” Arostegui to the company’s Pro-Staff.  Arostegui is a life-long angler and has set more than one-hundred-ninety (190) IGFA Fishing World Records, the second most in the organization’s history.

Arostegui’s all-tackle, fly and line class record catches made him the youngest winner of the IGFA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009 at the age of 16. His angling achievements go beyond record angling, in that he has won numerous tournaments and caught more than 500 species of fish. As an IGFA representative, Arostegui promotes ethical angling and conservation throughout the fishing community.

Currently, he is a Master of Science student in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences at the University of Washington, Seattle. His ongoing research is focused on the different types of rainbow trout in southwest Alaska and the movement patterns of resident Chinook salmon in Puget Sound and the Salish Sea. His love of fish and the outdoors, which developed as a native south Floridian, guides him both in his work and his recreation.

Martini Arostegui said, “I am excited to become a member of the Tycoon Tackle team and promote their products. Tycoon Tackle has been a part of our sport’s history and now is continuing into its future with a strong message of conservation. I look forward to putting the gear to the test and sharing both mine and the company’s passion for fishing and the organisms that define the sport.”

Tim O’Brien, President of Tycoon Tackle said, “I have known the Arostegui family for years and we are excited to have Martini as a member of our team.  His knowledge of fishing, fishing tackle, conservation, and adherence to proper angling rules will be a tremendous asset to the company.  His knowledge and understanding of the marine and aquatic ecosystems fits in with the core values of Tycoon Tackle.  I am looking forward to spending lots of time on the water and working with him in the coming years.”

Tycoon Tackle, Inc. is a Virginia-based angling outfitter that originated in Miami, Florida in 1935.  The company was on the scene in the formative years of big-game angling and at one time more than 95% of all world record fish were caught on the company’s fishing rods. Tim O’Brien, President and CEO of the company, said, “The company started as a one-man shop and in time grew to become a leader in the angling world, by not only making the best and most desirable fishing rods but by being a leader in promoting the catch and release of gamefish.”  The company is still family owned and committed to manufacturing its products in the United States of America.