PRO4x 1568/9-4FR

Two-Hand Casters Now Offered Pro4X Fly Rods From G.Loomis

WOODLAND, Wash. USA – New for ‘13-‘14 Tackle Year – When the fishing situation calls for the need of a two-hand rod, fly anglers can now look to the G.Loomis PRO4x rods and four new spey models being introduced to the series. Providing a definitive advantage especially when fishing big waters and when fish are out of reach for roll casting, the new PRO4x two-hand spey rods include the 13-foot PRO4x 1567/8-4FR and 1568/9-4FR, the 14-foot 1689/10-4FR, and the 15-foot PRO4x 18010-11-4FR.

All four-piece rods, these new PRO4x spey rods take advantage of all the research and development put into its successful NRX fly rods. Each featuring a light, fast recovering NRX tip section, the PRO4x fly rods are “a high-performance series that both experienced and novice anglers will appreciate the light weight feel and speed,” said Steve Rajeff, global chief rod design specialist for G.Loomis.

Designed to make long casts with an integrated short-head floating line, the 7/8-weight PRO4x 1567/8-4FR is rated for 30-gram/460 grain Scandi heads or 34 gram/520 grain Skagit heads. It’s the light two-hand rods to handle most winter patterns.

The more powerful 13-foot 8/9-weight PRO4x 1568/9-4FR will turn over full sink, intermediate and floating tips – for Skagit casting, it will handle a 38 gram/580 grain line, while with short Scandi-style head, it will handle 34 grams/520 grains.

PRO4x 1568/9-4FR

The ‘all-around’ heavy-duty winter rod, and for swinging big tube flies on swift Nordic rivers, the 9/10-weight 14-foot PRO4x 1689/10-4FR can handle heavier heads when fishing heavier flies. This rod offers the power, accuracy and line control needed, and is rated for 42 gram/640 grain Skagit heads, and 38 gram/580 grain Scandi heads.

For maximum distance and line control – when casting conditions are difficult, the 15-foot 10/11-weight PRO4x 18010/11-4FR enables spey casters to covers lots of water with minimal effort. It will handle long heads up to 40-feet and cast tube flies on big water. For Skagit heads, use 45 grams/700 grains, while for Scandi techniques, it’s rated for 42 grams/650 grains.

Offered in the most popular sizes among spey anglers worldwide, “these new PRO4x two-hand rods can be at home on waters in the Pacific Northwest to Great Lakes tributaries,” said Rajeff, “and are ideal on the classic spey waters in British Columbia, in Alaska and Argentina – and even on Scotland’s River Spey where this traditional technique was popularized.”

PRO4x fly rods

All of the new PRO4x fly rods are backed by the G.Loomis ‘Wild Card’ program, a popular option first offered on the NRX rods to provide anglers with a one-time-only free replacement should they accidently break it – no questions asked. In addition, like all other G.Loomis rods, they feature a limited lifetime warranty for the original owner.