Twitter basics

I hope you all have a Twitter account by now and are following FTR. If you’re not you should be. Following the right people is as important as having the right people follow you. Your followers will see your tweets and you should assume be re-tweeting them for their followers.

If you read the piece about Facebook published earlier, this one will mirror that and hopefully help you just as much.

Who should tweet
You should assign your Twitter account to the same person who manages your Facebook account. This will keep consistent voice and you can repost the same posts in both locations if you need to. I would suggest though, that the wording is changed between your Facebook and Twitter posts; you don’t want to appear to be a lazy social media guru. If you need to split the tasks for some reason, give the Twitter account to whomever can post more often and understands re-tweets.

How often to tweet
Twitter is actually easier to use than Facebook, but as mentioned it needs to be used more often. Twitter is all about being a leader, and to be a leader people need to re-tweet your tweets, reply to your tweets and click the links posted within them. Twitter follows the Pareto Principle or commonly referred to as the 80/20 rule, and if you’re not one of the 20, then you need to work smarter, not harder to get there. People love to follow a clear leader in their space; they want to follow someone, or some company that is in the know. That person or company should be yours!

What to tweet
If you are going to be the leader in your field, then you need to know what to tweet. That is up to you; again you need to know your audience and what they want to know. Who do your clients or customers already follow? Who do they seem to re-tweet the most? Taking a week or two to study what they already do will help you immensely in understanding their habits and what they want to know. Once you figure it out, replicate it and go one step further. You can also do test sales via Twitter by tweeting special coupons. If you decide to go this route let your customers know of your plans; it is a quick way to build an audience, and you can track how people receive your tweets with a second measuring device; the number of coupons you receive.

When to tweet
Twitter is constant, and therefore requires more attention than Facebook as stated earlier. If you follow enough people on Twitter your Twitter feed can look like a stock market ticker, constantly changing. Does that mean that your tweets will get lost in the shuffle? Yes they will, but they don’t have to. If you are a leader your tweets will get re-tweeted, and hopefully re-tweeted again. You should also re-tweet your own tweets later in the day to ensure that they are again top of mind. Twitter being so constant should ideally be used daily, if your business is open, so should your Twitter account. When your shop is busy and you can’t get a tweet out that’s fine, when it is slower tweet some fishing tips, tweet some sales, tweet pictures of different lures you have in stock that are known to produce locally. The bottom line is tweet early, tweet often.

Twitter can be simple or it can be complex, the more complex you make it the less effective it can be. We will continue to cover Twitter and its unique characteristics. If you have questions, tweet them to us, or post them on our Facebook page. If you have success let us know that as well.