Turning Point Offers Lower Pitch Props Needed for Heavier Loads

A sluggish boat struggling to get on plane, sucking up fuel, is no one’s idea of a great day on the water. Boats with heavier loads can benefit from lower-pitch propellers, which both deliver the extra initial push needed for better hole shot, and improve fuel economy. Whether for a pontoon boat loaded up for entertaining, or a marina pushboat hard at work, Turning Point Propellers offers a wide range of low-pitch props delivering superior performance.

The company offers 3-blade aluminum models with pitch options as low as 8″, and 3-blade stainless steel props ranging down to 9″ pitch. Among its stainless steel offerings, Turning Point recently introduced a 4-blade 15″ x 15″ model, with more low-pitch 4-blade props coming soon.

While some companies offer a “pontoon prop” or others for specific applications, they really are just a lower-pitch propeller. A single prop correctly matched to the boat size, engine horsepower, application and load can perform equally well on a pontoon boat, small runabout, deckboat or many other craft.

The optimal propeller helps the engine achieve the intended wide open throttle rpm range. This creates better hole shot, acceleration and top-end speed, as well as improved fuel economy. Prop Wizard, the exclusive Turning Point online pitch calculating tool located at www.turningpointpropellers.com, helps users choose the best prop for each engine and boat combination.

With complete hub and housing systems for 8 hp to 300+ hp applications, Turning Point simplifies propeller changes. Backed by a lifetime warranty, its hub systems won’t spin out, typically saving owners thousands of dollars in propeller costs over the life of a boat.

Turning Point low-pitch propellers, including the hub and housing, start at $97 for a 10″ x 11″ aluminum 3-blade model for a 15-30 hp outboard and $317 for a 10″ x 11″ stainless 3-blade version. In over 15 years of operation, Turning Point Propellers has earned a reputation for designing the highest quality, highest performing aluminum and stainless steel props in the industry. Contact Turning Point Propellers, 11762 Marco Beach Dr., Suite 2, Jacksonville, FL 32224. 904-900-7739.

sales@turningpointpropellers.com; www.turningpointpropellers.com.