TTI-Blakemore Introduces Crappie X-Tractor By Blakemore

TTI-Blakemore introduces the CRAPPIE X-TRACTOR. The unique Bobby Garland body has a twin button tail and a ribbed under belly. It’s mounted on the NEW Sickle Hook Road Runner head. The new head has inset double eyes, scaled finish and a 1/0 sickle hook on the 1/16 and a 2/0 on the 1/8.

The combination of the twin button tail, ribbed under belly and the Road Runner head will create even more sound, flash and vibration that fish love! Available in 1/16- and 1/8-ounce sizes in nine colors. MSRP-$3.28

Dealers may call Kerry Campbell at 1-800-77-HOOKS or visit for more information. Outdoor writers may contact Ron Stallings at (Please put “OW” in the subject line for the fastest service.)