TroKar Vapor Bait Hook Rocks Saltwater Market

DENVER, COLORADO – Lazer TroKar has quickly become the premier hook in the freshwater bass market, and by the looks of their current saltwater line-up and new additions, they are poised to quickly takeover the lead in coastal markets as well.

The newest releases from TroKar include the TK12 & TK13 Vapor Bait hook. An equally versatile and deadly straight shank “J” hook, the TroKar vapor is at home landing West Coast White Sea Bass or toothy Kingfish on the East Coast. Designed to withstand heavier lines and gear, the stout diameter of the TroKar Vapor hooks beg to be tested and toiled with the most aggressive game fish available.

Offered in a non-offset version as the TK12 and an 18° reverse offset shank version as the TK13, the TroKar Vapor is suitable to a variety of fishing techniques and situations with its wide breadth of sizes from 1/0 – 7/0. Suitable for tying large saltwater streamers as well as chunking live bait, the TroKar Vapor has already seen success on a multitude of fishing platforms. With the larger sizes, 4/0 – 7/0 coming with a fully brazed eye to eliminate line chaffing and slippage, the TroKar Vapor has catapulted itself into the top straight-shank bait hook on the market.

Penetration? Game over! Lazer TroKar has no competition in this area and the results are tangible, with increased hook up & landing ratios regardless of hook style, technique or skill level. Plain and simple, the Lazer TroKar Vapor hooks will button up the lips and staple them shut!

As the first Surgically Sharpened fishhook in the world, and the only one made in America, TroKar has proven to be the leader in sharpness, durability and technically specific fishhooks designed for those who aren’t just out to catch fish, but are out to win!

MSRP of $21.99/ea with varied piece count per size.

For more information on TroKar, be sure to visit our website at and connect with us on Facebook® & Twitter®!

Lazer TroKar…just don’t fish…DOMINATE.