Trika Launches All-New Casting and Spinning Rods

Superior, Wis. – Trika has introduced its new family of tournament-quality fishing rods engineered for unsurpassed hyper-sensitivity, castability, and fish-fighting power. The secret to the unmatched performance of Trika rods is the unique composition and construction of the rod blanks, which are designed and built in the USA.

Trika is comprised of a team of experienced professionals whose focus has been on developing innovative products in the outdoor industry for over 20 years. The same team has been the driving force behind many market-leading brands, including Ravin Crossbows, Rage Broadheads, and Block Targets, just to name a few. Fishing has always been a passion with this group, and they were determined to “disrupt” the fishing space when the Trika journey began. The culmination of years of research and development using new-to-market materials and processes, Trika’s offerings are unlike any other high-end rods on the market. To ensure that Trika rods not only meet, but exceed the demands of serious anglers, they were rigorously tested against the top competitive fishing rods in the industry and evaluated by an independent research firm. The results confirmed that Trika rods are on average twice as sensitive than other very high-end rods. On the water, that means Trika rods will help you to detect the slightest bites and catch more fish.

Every Trika spinning and casting rod is made using a blend of materials never before used in the fishing industry. This proprietary composition significantly reduces weight and increases sensitivity, while retaining maximum strength and durability. Each Trika rod features the perfect power, action, and length for its specific application – whether you are finesse fishing with smaller jigs and shaky-head worms, working crankbaits, or flipping and pitching larger plastics. In addition to their uniquely designed and constructed blanks, Trika rods feature the finest components available, including guides built with titanium frames and zirconia inserts, lightweight yet rugged U.S.A built carbon fiber reel seats, and ergonomic grips to reduce fatigue.

Trika rods are truly different. Plus, they come with a guarantee that’s just as different as the rods themselves – Fish your Trika rod for 365 days, if you don’t love it return it within 12 months for an exchange or refund – no questions asked.

 Trika rods are sold exclusively online through the company’s website to deliver a high-end product at under half the retail cost. All Trika rods are sold at $349.99. The Trika rod family includes five spinning models and seven casting models built to handle a wide variety of applications. To learn more about the complete Trika rod family, or to purchase the ideal Trika rod for your specific needs, visit