Kayak fishing is one of the fastest growing segments in the fishing industry, and the 2019 ICAST show reflected that. With over ten kayak manufactures present and hundreds of booth marketing towards the yak enthusiast, it’s a great time to be in the sport and a great time to sell kayak fishing gear. Let’s take a look at ten new products that will appeal to kayak anglers venturing into your store.

1. TactaCam ($199.00) – A low-profile camera with three different lens options, two battery caps, one for external wiring, and a loop feature, this camera is designed to make it easier to capture all your adventures on the water.  One of the best features is that this device doesn’t use WiFi to run the remote, it uses radio signal, which will greatly preserve the battery life.

2. Plano Edge ($19.99-$34.99) – This Plano storage system took home top honors in the tackle management category, and covers every kayak angler’s needs. Featuring waterproof designs and space saving large bait options, kayak anglers are able to carry more gear out on the water.

3. RAM Quick Grip Mount ($17.99)  RAM is no stranger to mounting systems, and the new quick grip is their latest invention. This “one hand, easy-in-easy-out” cell phone mount allows kayak anglers to secure their devices with one hand. The mount works with cases up to ¾”.  

4. Yakima Top Water Rack ($549.99)  – This roof or trailer mount accommodates eight, fully rigged rod-and-reel combos, offers room for several tackle boxes and has locking abilities for security while on the road.  This storage system holds rods up to eight feet long, which will fit the needs of most kayak anglers. 

5. Mustang Survival Khimera Life Preserver ($199.99) – Designed with the yak angler in mind, this vest allows for an incredible range of motion, and doesn’t impede movement.  It is the thinnest foam floatation on the market, and offers 22lbs of buoyancy and optional oral inflation. This vest will also fit people of all shapes and sizes. 

6. YAK Power ($149.99) – Built for the gear junkies, YAK power gives you the ability to control all of your electronics with a built in control device. Of equal importance, it takes the frustration out of rigging your boat, with a very simple plug and play wiring harness. 

7. Arachanet Security System ($119.99) – Most kayak anglers spend ample amounts of time in campgrounds or hotel parking lots, making their kayaks and gear susceptible to theft. With this innovative security system, anglers are able to place the netting across their truck beds or over their kayaks and any movement will set off a 120DB alarm, giving the anglers a little more peace of mind while on the road. 

8. YAKATTACK Panfish Camera Mount ($49.99) – New from one of the most reputable brands in the kayak world, this camera mount features a split mast design with disks that allow quick and easy camera movement.  With this design, there are no exposed parts that will become loose over time, meaning there is no need to worry about ordering replacements. 

9. Reflekt Unsinkables (MSRP varies) – Though these guys have been in the game awhile, It’s no secret phones and sunglasses alike are regularly donated to the waters we fish. Reflekts answers the call and produced kayak friendly eyewear made with a proprietary material called VaporLite, allowing their polarized  sunglasses to be 20 percent lighter, which allows them to float.

10. St Croix Mojo Bass Glass ($140-$160) – St. Croix hit a home run with their mojo bass glass series rods.  Featuring IPC mandrel technology and 100% linear S-Glass, these rods have earned their ICAST best of category award.  With five techniques specific models, anglers are able to enjoy St. Croix quality at an affordable price point.