Tigress Outriggers & Gear Launches New Spread Management Mounts

Lake Worth, Fla.—The sport fishing industry is about to get a fresh lesson in spread management.
Tigress Outriggers & Gear has released its all-new XD Top Mount and XD Center Rigger Mount, both designed to help fishermen achieve their desired spread no matter the conditions or what fish they’re chasing.

The XD Top Mount features a unique design that allows for use on both soft and hard boat tops over 2 inches thick. The new mount boasts 24 adjustable locking positions with 19 upper arm angle locking positions.
Capitalizing on a user-friendly ergonomic lever, the new XD Top Mount is designed with extra hand clearance on the thickest tops, giving the angler total control and making sure no fish is left unfed. The XD Top Mount fits Tigress and industry standard 4-by-6-inch mounting plates.
To take spread management to the next level, fishermen can add the new XD Center Rigger Mount to their arsenal. This new mount is the most up-to-date adjustment system available for center rigger fishing, designed to accommodate any industry standard 1-1/8-inch butt diameter.
The new XD Center Rigger Mount features an ambidextrous mounting option with an upper arm capable of 19 angle locking settings, which makes maintaining and adjusting your centerline easier than ever.
Both mounts are made from 316 stainless steel and brushed anodized aluminum, continuing Tigress’ standard of quality and excellence while being engineered for durability and lasting performance.
Both the XD Top Mount and XD Center Rigger Mount feature:
  • Adjustability for use on boats up to 40 feet
  • Extreme-duty 316 Stainless Steel and anodized aluminum construction
  • Large 3-lobe UV ergonomic knob for changing, locking outriggers’ elevation
  • 3-year Limited Warranty
  • Tigress XD 316 Stainless Steel detent design with ambidextrous horizontal stops
  • Standard ¼” diameter locking stainless steel push pin
The XD Top Mount also features:
  • XD Top Mount-Accepts all 1-1/2″ butt diameter outriggers and 1-1/8″ using an adapter
  • XD Top Mount-Fits through all standard 3″ diameter mounting plates and hard top holes
The XD Center Rigger Mount also features:
  • XD Center Riggers Mount-Large Aluminum 12mm thick baseplate with four corner mounting
  • XD Center Riggers Mount-¼” through x 4.050″x 2.625″ 4 bolt pattern
For more information, please visit www.tigressoutriggers.com.