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This Seminar Can Deliver ICAST Success Immediately

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How do you gauge a successful ICAST? If you’re a manufacturer, that answer might involve booth traffic, sales, and media coverage. You could know whether or not ICAST was a hit for you by the time you pack up on Friday. But if you’re a retailer, chances are the moves you make at ICAST won’t reveal their impact on your bottom line for months.
Some products revealed at the show won’t be hitting your shelves until 2020, and it will take time to move those units in exchange for profit. However, there is at least one key takeaway from ICAST that can start paying off for your store as soon as you make it back to the shop — seminars.

It’s a shame that the word “seminar” conjures up images of dreary conference rooms and PowerPoint presentations. At best, attending a seminar might offer you a chance to get off of your feet and grab a cup of coffee, right?


This year, ASA has stepped up its package of ICAST seminars with a wide range of offerings. At ICAST 2019, they’ll be offering more in-depth strategy from experts than ever before, and you’d be wise to make time for at least one of these talks while you’re wandering the Orange County Convention Center.

Advertising for Tackle Retailers

The worthy list of business development seminars include topics like podcasts, team management, and eCommerce; but I’m here to tell you about an important topic that can pay off almost immediately for your tackle store—Advertising for Tackle Retailers. On Friday morning at 8:00 a.m., FTR’s Managing Editor Ken Duke will join myself and our team of marketing experts to break down advertising in print, TV, radio and the digital realm.

It’s a seminar that’s sure to challenge the way you think about your tackle store’s advertising needs, and the kind of return on investment you should be getting from ads. We’ll discuss whether traditional forms of advertising can still be effective for your business in 2019 and pull the curtains back on new ways to use Facebook marketing beyond the boost button.

Best of all? Advertising for Tackle Retailers takes place before show doors even open, so you won’t miss any valuable time on the show floor.

Will there be coffee?

Yes. Will there be a PowerPoint? Probably. Will you be able to take this information back to the office on Monday and put it to immediate use? Unlike some of the new things you’ll learn about at ICAST, absolutely!

We’ll see you on Friday, July 12 if you’re interested in making the most out of ICAST and advertising.