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This New Fishing Accessory Sold Out in 8 Days

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When Wally Marshall peered into the old man’s tackle box, his eyes grew as big as saucers. Within seconds, the man known worldwide as “Mr. Crappie,” knew the way he fished was about to change forever.

“He was trying to show me some lures,” Marshall recalls. “But when I looked into the box, I tapped him on the shoulder and said, ‘Hey, David. What’s that right there?’” 

David Simmons is an 83-year old structural engineer from Sevierville, Tennessee. An avid angler for most of his life, Simmons was eager to meet Marshall. But he never expected “Mr. Crappie” to take an interest in his homegrown invention. But the homemade line device in Simmons’s tackle box set Marshall’s brain in motion.

Marshall contacted Bullet Weights with an idea to include the device into in his expanding line of “Mr. Crappie” products. And after talking Simmons into a mutually beneficial deal, the creation— a stainless steel wire with an eyelet in the middle and two snaps on the end—soon became the Mr. Crappie Add-a-Hook.

Within days of hitting the market in January of 2019, the device sold 10,000 units.

The Mr. Crappie Add-a-Hook from Bullet Weights

“I don’t care if you’re an everyday fisherman or a professional,” Marshall says. “Re-tying is an absolute pain. It takes time away from fishing, and time is money.” With the Add-a-Hook, Marshall can re-rig baits in under 15 seconds. And though he’s perfected the art for crappie, Marshall sees a world of possibilities for the tool. “Once you put into position, it won’t slide. What you do is wrap your line on or off of it, move it down, and put it in another spot. It works for anyone who wants to relocate baits or add multiple stagings to a line. Crappie guys can use it, but so can people catching catfish or even saltwater anglers.”

With Add-a-Hook, any angler can adjust hook positions on the fly.

Here’s a video of the Add-a-Hook in action:

Marshall is well-known as one of the most excitable pro’s in the fishing industry. He’s a high-energy, rambunctious fellow that’s in the process of creating his own version of the Bassmaster Classic—for crappie. That’s the level of passion Marshall has for fishing, but few products bring his passion out like the all-new Add-a-Hook. “Anybody can do it. It’s just phenomenal. This product is one of the, if not the most, innovative products in fishing, period.”

Some of that passion comes from Marshall’s lifetime of experience on the water, no doubt. With Add-a-Hook, he’s able to get more lines in the water more quickly, and he’s able to dramatically reduce the amount of time he spends rigging. But make no mistake, a good portion of his excitement stems from an infinitive old man in Appalachia. “I joke around and tell people I was trying to invent the paper clip, but it was already taken,” Marshall laughs. “But the real genius behind this was David Simmons. Right now, Mr. Simmons doesn’t know how many boxes we’ve sold. At the Bassmaster Classic, we’re going to meet. I’m going to tell him, and he’s going to be completely bowled over.”“The best part?” Marshall concludes. “He’s going to be able to have a piece of the pie. He’s going to get to watch his invention grow.”

Retailers interested in carrying the product should visit the Bullet Weights website or call them at 1-800-872-0131. 

After selling out of inventory in just over a week, Bullet Weights says the Mr. Crappie Add-a-Hook is back in stock. It MSRP’s at $4.95.