Thermal Protection and Comfort from Otter Ice Shelters

MINNETONKA, Minn. – Gone are the days of anglers shivering away the hours in cold, uncomfortable portable ice shelters. Now, hard-core ice heads can pull lunkers through the ice in style and comfort, thanks to two best-in-class new product lines from OtterTM , makers of the toughest, strongest and smartest ice shelters on earth: the Pro XT1200 Full Thermal Shelter and XT650 Thermal-Top Shelter Series.

“Designed with input from hard-water maniacs like myself, the new Otter Pro XT1200 and XT650 are the only shelters on the market that meet the standards of fanatical anglers who demand it all,” said Brad Hawthorne, ICE FORCETM pro staffer. “These models marry out-of-this-world functionality with a level of comfort that promises to change the way we think about ice-fishing.”

Crafted with the four S’s – sled, structure, seating and shelter – in mind at all times, the Otter gurus’ latest efforts come ready for the ice belt’s frigid winter months with unmatched warmth, durability and a bevy of usable features.

Otter Pro XT1200 Full Thermal Shelters

The Pro XT1200 Full Thermal Shelter Series is a dream come true for serious anglers everywhere. From its shell, designed with attention-grabbing power sport graphics, to its exclusive cross-link seating system with multidirectional deluxe padded swivel bucket seats, this shelter is pure perfection – inside and out. Built around the legendary, roto-molded Otter Pro Sled, the Pro XT1200 is highly portable and features an oversized telescoping aluminum square tube frame that is sturdy enough to stand up to the fiercest blizzards the tundra has to offer.

Its flip-over design allows anglers to use this house in a variety of positions. Whether sitting or standing, the house provides plenty of head and legroom that fishermen and women will appreciate as they work over hard water.

The Pro XT1200’s fully-sewn and quilted thermal 1200 denier shell, interior draft skirt and extra-long perimeter skirting deliver unbelievable insulation, complemented by crack-resistant windows equipped with insulated covers to keep out unwanted drafts or let in light on warmer sunny days.

Ready to deploy at a moment’s notice and a cinch to tow, the Pro XT1200 boasts a custom trim-lock system that enables owners to attach the house to the sled in as little as 30 seconds. This groundbreaking thermal shelter is available in four models, including the Pro XT1200 Ultra-Wide (one-person), Pro XT1200 Cabin (two-person), Pro XT1200 Lodge (two-to-three person) and Pro XT1200 Resort (three-person) for solo and party-fishing fun on the ice.

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Suggested retail price: $599.99-$799.99