The Wired2fish Audience, a Dynamic, Dedicated Community of Consumers

Reaching your exact consumer digitally with meaningful messaging can be a challenge. Sometimes, as manufacturers, we find ourselves targeting generally, hoping that our consumer engages with the advertising medium that we’ve chosen. has taken the time over the last couple of years to understand who the more than 7 million annual visitors to their site are, and why they consume an average of 5.8 million pages monthly.

Regular consumer engagement surveys conducted by BOLT Strategies in August of 2019 and May of 2020 offer extensive insight into the avid angling consumer base while further communications with Jason Sealock, COO and Publisher of Wired2fish tell us how they take this insight & turn it into returns for their advertisers.

“We were completely overwhelmed by the positive responses and the high level of engagement that Wired2fish has with its fanbase,” said Mike Thomas, of BOLT Strategies. “When we generally send out surveys, we feel very lucky to get a 10% response from the request.  In both cases, more than 40% of the people surveyed from different groups each time immediately responded with enthusiasm.”

What did BOLT learn? 

BOLT Strategies learned that 46% surveyed say that the Wired2fish team affects their buying decisions—hence the 350,117 clicks-to-retail in the first half of 2020 Wired2fish has seen this year. They simple conclusion is they move product.

This is probably because of their fanbase, currently 70% fish 31 or more days per year, and 41% fish 61 days or more. These anglers use their fishing gear and equipment a lot. 

“It was also interesting to observe the types of content that these consumers look for the most. Tackle and technique tips outweigh light-hearted news. They want to get into the meat and bones of high-tech angling,” added Leaha Thomas of Bolt Strategies. “They come to Wired2fish to learn, and we heard over and over again that the Wired2fish team was ‘credible’, ‘authentic’, and ‘informed’, which we believe attributes to their continued steady growth.”

BOLT also learned that there was also strong crossover into a variety of other hobbies and activities. The audience indexed high for grilling, DIY, hunting, shooting sports, watching team sports, and hiking. More than 65% of the audience perform their own vehicle/boat maintenance showing some strong upside for many advertisers from a variety of markets.

So how does Wired2fish take this information and utilize it? 

“We’ve spent this year focused on making proprietary content that helps educate anglers about new fishing tackle as well as where and how to fish with it because that is what our audience has asked for,” said Jason Sealock. “Our proprietary content comes from our intimate knowledge of fishing tackle and technique as well as our strong relationships with the tackle companies and professional anglers that helped create and perfect the techniques as we’re all avid anglers. Our ability to offer our fanbase content that aligns with their hobbies and interests pays off for our advertisers and keeps our audience engaged. We look forward to continued expansion and diversification of content library to server our audience and our advertising partners equally well.”