The Ultimate Catfish Hook

Chambersburg, Penn. – If someone’s built a better “catfish trap” than John Jamison’s favorite circle hook, the legendary catman has yet to discover it. Like a trapper skillfully setting a snare, Jamison wields his circle hook rigged rods with a cool-calculated certainty. When a big blue, channel or flathead clamps its ironclad jaws onto a baited Rippin Lips Tournament Grade Circle Hook, it’s as good as in the boat.

For decades, Jamison has conquered catfishing’s grandest stages, boating barbel-bearing-behemoths and cashing tournament winning checks. Along the way, he’s tried and tweaked nearly every circle hook in the catalog. Finally, thankfully, Jamison teamed with Rippin Lips-that hardcore cat tackle clan-to design and forge the ultimate circle hook: the Tournament Grade Circle Hook.

“Once you tag a big cat with one of these sticky circles,” says Jamison, “they stay hooked-count on it. We constructed the Tournament Grade Circle Hook with an optimized offset that starts the hook moving faster in a catfish’s jaw. This leads to quicker, more forceful penetration and a higher hook-up percentage.”

Engineered with tight, critical design specs, the Tournament Grade Circle Hook forces fish to contend with a surgically precise hook gap and a jaw-stinging point. An optimized offset angle and point position maximizes hook penetration for all types of bites-from mad and aggressive to subtle and soft.

“When a catfish bites one of these hooks, they’re walking into a snare” Jamison adds, “There’s no escaping-the fish stays caught until it’s safely in the net. My fishing journals have shown a 94% hook-up rate with these great hooks while fishing rivers and reservoirs. That’s an incredible statistic.”

Finished with needle sharp points and imbued with red-blood finishes that enhance the appeal of rigged baits of all kinds, Tournament Grade Circle Hooks offer superior stealth, sharpness and confidence. Forged in five sizes-1/0, 3/0, 5/0, 7/0 and 8/0-Rippin Lips Tournament Grade Circle Hooks perfectly match every conceivable catfishing presentation. For more information, or to order web-direct, visit