The New Z-Man ZWG Worm Hook

Z-Man® forges ElaZtech®-embracing ZWG™ worm hook.

Ladson, SC – It’s no stretch to say ElaZtech® superplastics are a different animal. By now, anglers unanimously agree that Z-Man’s exclusive made-in-the-USA softbaits exhibit wonderful, if not astonishing properties: softer yet 10 times more durable than traditional PVC plastic baits, self-activated, buoyancy enabled movement and 100-percent safe and non-toxic to fish, wildlife and the aquatic environment.

These remarkable, fish-catching difference makers also point to specialized, yet simple rigging routines. Sure, ElaZtech baits work with traditional hooks and jigheads. But try Texas rigging an SMH WormZ™ or Big TRD™ on the new ZWG™ Worm Hook . . . and experience all the advantages of Z-Man baits in big bass abundance.

“At Z-Man, we’ve always been about creating potent hook-softbait systems that take your presentation to the highest levels possible,” notes Z-Man director of product development, Jose Chavez. “Every bait we make matches up to a corresponding hook or jighead, which elevates the angler’s on-the-water success. Likewise, the new ZWG Worm Hook eases the process of Texas rigging ElaZtech soft plastics, keeping your bait arrow-straight and pinned tightly to the hook for the long haul.”

Forging a next level softbait-to-hook tandem, Z-Man’s new ZWG™ Worm Hook aligns, grips and holds ElaZtech and other conventional soft plastics, cast after cast. Completely customized and armed to the teeth, the ZWG hook eases softbait rigging, locking baits down with specialized “keepers” fore and aft.

A custom medium wire extra wide gap hook (3/0, 4/0 and 5/0 sizes) pins ElaZtech superplastics securely, but works equally well with conventional softbaits. The corrosion resistant black nickel-plated hook also features a dual-tapered point that maintains its sticky sharpness even around heavy cover.

To lock the nose of each bait tightly in place, nice and tight to the eye, a conical molded plastic keeper sits on the neck of the hook. This innovative implement enhances hookup ratios while preventing the bait from slipping down the hook shank after missed strikes. To keep the bait aligned perfectly on the hook, a low-vis silicone bead rides the hook bend, holding the hook point flush to the bait and eliminating the need to Texpose the hook point. The specialized “sticky” bead grasps and pins the bait in place, maintaining a natural, optimal presentation on every cast. By holding the bait in place—Texas or Texpose rigged— the bead also keeps the hook gap open for effortless, trouble-free hooksets.

The ZWG Worm Hook is armed with specialized bait keepers for optimum bait alignment and solid hooksets.

Collectively, the impressive hook and its two-way keeper system turns every worm, craw or creature bait into an efficient fish catching machine.

“The new ZWG hook immediately boosts angler success, simply by shortening rigging time and effort, keeping baits locked perfectly in place for the long haul,” notes Chavez.

“If you’re a Texas rig fan, rig the ZWG Worm Hook with a Z-Man FattyZ™ZinkerZ™Gremlin™ or Turbo CrawZ™. Thanks to the super sharp hook’s specialized, strategic bait keepers, you can do hardcore hand-to-hand combat with the biggest bass in heavy cover and win the battle, every time. Rigged on the ZWG, you’ll also extend the life of each ElaZtech bait, catching dozens of fish per bait—or more!

Available in 3/0, 4/0, and 5/0 sizes, the new ZWG Worm Hook creates a secure, linear softbait connection—and takes Texas rigging to new levels of victory in all cover conditions. MSRP $5.99 per 4-pack. For more information, visit

About Z-Man Fishing Products

A dynamic Charleston, South Carolina based company, Z-Man Fishing Products has melded leading edge fishing tackle with technology for nearly three decades. Z-Man has long been among the industry’s largest suppliers of silicone skirt material used in jigs, spinnerbaits and other lures. Creator of the Original ChatterBait®, Z-Man is also the renowned innovators of 10X Tough ElaZtech softbaits, fast becoming the most coveted baits in fresh- and saltwater. Z-Man is one of the fastest-growing lure brands worldwide.