The Lowrance Explorer Series Ice Fishing Pack

As summer weather comes to an end and temperatures begin to drop, anglers across the country begin to shift their focus to ice fishing season. With the season quickly approaching, it is the perfect time to take stock of your gear and make adjustments, that way you’ll be ready to go when the water freezes over. This year, anglers are in luck because Lowrance® has made the gear part very easy with its brand-new Explorer Series Ice Fishing Pack.

Combining the most advance ice fishing features in a newly designed and convenient package, the Explorer Ice Fishing Pack includes Lowrance’s top-selling Elite FS™ 9 fishfinder/chartplotter display with best-in-class ActiveTarget® Live Sonar, a redesigned premium ice fishing bag and shuttle frame, as well as a new transducer pole for the ActiveTarget Down/Forward and Scout modes. The pack also features a long-lasting 24 Ah lithium battery with dual USB charging ports and built-in voltage meter, allowing anglers to stay on the ice all day or in a shack all night without the need for an extra battery.

Hardwater fishing adds another layer of difficulty because anglers are left guessing on the best spots and can’t see what’s going on beneath the ice. In the past, ice fisherman would have to drill multiple holes on a lake and test each one to get a feel for the structure and look for fish. Now, with the highly detailed C-MAP® charts on the Elite FS display, anglers can map and record their sonar logs in the summer and navigate to those same spots in the winter, saving them a lot of time on drilling and allowing more time to fish. Additionally, ActiveTarget Live Sonar takes ice fishing to the next level. A lot of anglers use underwater cameras that leave them at the mercy of the water clarity. With the live sonar, they can see great distances around and know right away if it is an active spot. The beauty of ActiveTarget is that it eliminates the guessing game and not only allows anglers to pinpoint fish much faster, but also see how they react to the lure in real time.

Starting at $2,599, the Explorer Ice Fishing Series pack has everything you need to grab-and-go for a day on the ice. The Explorer Series items are also available to purchase separately or as other kits, including:

  • Explorer ActiveTarget Kit – ActiveTarget, premium Explorer bag and shuttle frame, ice transducer pole for ActiveTarget, 24 Ah lithium battery with dual USB charging ports and built-in voltage meter, custom wiring harness, and an ethernet cable. There is no display included with this kit.
  • Explorer Ice Bag – Premium Explorer bag and shuttle frame, and custom wiring harness
  • Explorer Ice Pole – Ice transducer pole for ActiveTarget
  • Explorer Ice Bag and Pole – Premium Explorer bag and shuttle frame, custom wiring harness, and an ice transducer pole for ActiveTarget

The Explorer Series is available at select authorized retailers, as well as online, including For more information, and to see Lowrance’s entire ice fishing lineup, visit