The Future of Fishing Scent Technology: Baitfuel Fish Attractant

OCEAN SPRINGS, MISSISSIPPI – Building on two-plus years of development and testing by American Baitworks’ world-class science research team, the company is pleased to announce the future of fishing scent technology – BaitFuel Fish Attractant has arrived.

BaitFuel products have undergone extensive scientific research and testing to ensure the mix of bite-inducing ingredients is fully optimized for maximum performance in BaitFuel Gel and BaitFuel integrated soft plastics. BaitFuel is supercharged with F.A.S.T. (Fish Active Scent Technology) – water-based technology that releases scent easily and mimics the smell and taste of real prey – getting more bites and longer hold times for your bait! BaitFuel is scientifically engineered to stimulate a fish’s predator instinct.

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BaitFuel Gel

BaitFuel Gel works with any bait type. – It can easily be added to your favorite bag of soft plastics to marinate your baits overnight or on tournament day – giving you the full power of BaitFuel with every cast. Because it is a gel, BaitFuel will stay on your baits longer and is super-slick to help your lure slide through cover easier. Unlike other scents – BaitFuel Gel is virtually odorless to humans and will not stain your carpets.

You can even try BaitFuel Gel on your hard baits! Bassmaster Pro Bryan New has been using BaitFuel on his jerk baits and believes it is giving him a definite performance advantage when finicky bass are only nosing the bait.

BaitFuel Soft Plastics

Coming soon to NetBait and NetBait STH Finesse Series products, anglers will get to fish with the maximum potency of BaitFuel. We achieve this by infusing each bait, in the manufacturing process, with the scent and taste enhancers throughout. When in water, the soft plastic bait releases BaitFuel creating a powerful scent cloud around your Paca Craw, Flat Sided Shad, and all your favorite NetBait and STH Finesse Series Baits.

Stay tuned for new product releases from NetBait with BaitFuel later this Spring.

Proven on the water BaitFuel is scientifically engineered to stimulate a fish’s predator instinct.

BaitFuel Availability

BaitFuel Fish Attractant Gel will be available very soon at major tackle retailers and national chains across the country.

NetBait and NetBait STH Finesse Series integrated soft plastics will be available in early May at your favorite tackle retailer.

Tackle dealers should note: BaitFuel Gel and Bait samples are available now by contacting American Baitworks.

About American Baitworks

American Baitworks Co. is an innovative American-based fishing tackle company that provides custom manufacturing of fishing lures and products for our customer’s specifications. Our family of brands includes BaitFuel, NetBait, Halo Fishing, Snag Proof, Scum Frog, Freedom Tackle, and STH Bait Co.

Our passion for fishing runs deep at American Baitworks Co. where our focus on innovation and advancing the sport of fishing never ends.

From our manufacturing and distribution center on the coast of Mississippi, USA, we want anglers of every level to have the best experience every time they’re on the water.

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