Frontier 10

The Frontier Gets Bigger as NuCanoe Introduces the Frontier 10

Bellingham, WA – Building on the success of the Frontier 12 hybrid kayak, NuCanoe Inc introduced the Frontier 10 in May 2013. The Frontier 10 provides more stability, versatility, and comfort than any other solo fishing kayak on the market. Best of all, the Frontier 10 weighs only 67lbs, making it easy for one person to handle off the water.

“Since its introduction in February 2012, the Frontier 12 has been tremendously popular among anglers and hunters,” said NuCanoe Inc. President Blake Young. “With the Frontier 10, we are taking all the great features of the Frontier 12 – ridiculous stability, unmatched versatility, and superior comfort – and putting them into a watercraft that is the perfect size for one person, both on and off the water. With the Frontier 10, anglers can save the heavy lifting for their fish!”

The Frontier 10 hull design is optimized for a ten foot boat, providing excellent tracking and amazing maneuverability, without compromising NuCanoe’s signature stability. The Frontier 10 also showcases many new & improved features:

  • New Secure Fit toggles to ensure a tight seal on the Gear Vault
  • A new Tow Ring Dock on the bow of the Frontier 10 to enable easy installation of a Tow Ring
  • A new Battery Box Dock in the bow to enable better weight distribution when using a trolling motor
  • A new 5 Gallon Bucket recess in the Crate Space area
  • A new Paddle Cradle in the gunwale to prevent your paddle from rolling away while fishing or standing
  • Improved Cast & Blast Deck design to better channel water towards the scuppers

The Frontier 10 will be compatible with the ever-growing line of NuCanoe accessories, including the Casting Bar, Slide Mount, Transport Cart, and Max 360 Seats. The Solo Frontier Fishing Packages are also designed for the Frontier 10 and provide a great way to outfit it for fishing.

Frontier 10

The Frontier 10 is available through NuCanoe Dealers around the US and Canada. To find the dealer nearest you, go to The MSRP on the Frontier 10 is $1049.