The Flexi-Jig

The Thundermist Lure Company’s new patent pending innovative design, has taken the common jig to a new level that has never been seen before. Upon setting the hook, the jig head is able to pivot up to 90 degrees, ultimately allowing the hook shank and the angler’s fishing line to become in-line with each other. This results in a solid, direct, high-performance hook-set! When the Flexi-Jig is removed from the fish, the hook automatically springs back into its normal position, making it ready for the next fish!

The Flexi-Jig is used in the same manner as any common jig, but the big difference occurs on the hook-set. The Flexi-Jig allows you to get a better hook-set, directly into the fish’s mouth, due to the changing of the hook angle when setting the hook – it’s brilliant!

Flexi-JigWith the flexible connection that’s built into the jighead, the Flexi-Jig will give the angler an additional advantage when the fish tries to shake off the hook. A higher hook-up ratio means you will hook more fish, and land more fish!

The Flexi-Jig is the newest member of the Thundermist Lure Company’s “Perfect Series” line of tackle. The flagship product was the tangle-free T-Turn 3-way swivel, which is now being joined by the new, innovative Flexi-Jig.

The Flexi-Jigs are available in various colors and sizes,Flexi-Jigs and come with a super sharp and strong, wide-gap black nickel hook, making it freshwater and saltwater ready. Additionally, the Flexi-Jig conveniently features a stainless steel wire coil on the hook shank, to accommodate and secure soft plastic or natural baits, and the streamlined head-shape cuts through the water nicely.

The Flexi-Jig is really fun to use and extremely effective. Anglers will feel confident with the huge hook-setting advantage never experienced before – fantastic for both open water and ice fishing too!

So regardless if you are fishing from a boat, shore, or on the ice, “Jigging just got better, with the incredible Flexi-Jig”!