The Avant-Garde Crawfish Bass Bait

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON – Crawfish. Crayfish. Crawdads. Freshwater lobsters. Yabbies. Mudbugs. Whatever you call ‘em, both largemouth and smallmouth bass love ‘em.

So do fans of authentic Cajun cuisine, a culinary tradition that puts the critters to use in gumbo, jambalaya, étouffée, fried and fully dressed with remoulade on a Po’ Boy, or boiled in seasoned water with corn, sausage, garlic, and potatoes…

But first you’ve gotta catch ‘em. For humans, that means nets and traps. For bass, it’s processing numerous sensory cues at light speed, whether that crawfish-locating information is received through sight, olfaction, their hyper-sensitive lateral line and auditory system, or a combination of it all…

The life of a crawfish ain’t easy. Besides bass, other opportunistic fish species, and hungry humans, crawfish have to keep on the lookout for mink, otters, birds like Great Blue Herons, raccoons and more. Lucky enough to escape predation, the omnivorous crawfish is only concerned with a few things: eating vegetation and decaying animal matter—and mating—then eating and mating some more when the time is right. The rest of the time they’re burrowed under rocks, undergoing some stage of the molting process, and using that cover for protection.

LIVETARGET Hollow Body Craw: Mud Blue (147)

But the minute craws emerge from their rocky lairs, the chase is on, largely due to the volume of their locomotion, a combination of tapping, clicking, and clacking that is carried afar (like any underwater sound), bringing in bass to investigate.

Hence savvy bass anglers’ use of rattles on their jig and trailer combos, which gets to be an exhaustive and expensive process – having to dress each jig with the right shape head, skirt color combination, rattles, and soft plastic trailer.

While jig and trailer combos or tubes catch bass, LIVETARGET knew there had to be a more realistic and better way to imitate this ultra-important bass forage, all in one hyper-realistic bait ready to fish right out of the package.

New for 2018, LIVETARGET’s bass-crazy lure designers are proud to introduce the revolutionary Hollow Body Craw at ICAST 2018, an avant-garde bait that combines form and function. A paradigm-shifting blend of critical elements from two distinct lure families—bass jigs and hollow body topwaters—the Hollow Body Craw is a unique, must-cast lure for both largemouth and smallmouth bass.

For starters, its revolutionary design features amazing three-dimensional anatomy, rendering it superior to traditional bass jigs. The lure’s hollow head and cephalothorax anchor a snag-resistant design, and together with its extra strong custom hook, provide exceptional hookup ratios. The hook eyelet protrudes from the top of the slightly curved abdomen, orienting any retrieve the way nature intended, with the craw moving in reverse—head, pincers, antennae, and silicone skirt (that mimics a craw’s walking legs and feeding appendages) flared up just like a fleeing or defensive craw. Visually, the bait is a near spot-on imitation of the real thing, and the internal jig head weight produces the tapping, clicking, and clacking that attracts bass from afar. And should anglers want to create an even more raucous sound, rattle tubes are easily inserted into the bait’s hollow body. Anglers can also squeeze scent past inside the hollow cavity for a long-lasting trail.

Incredibly effective both on the bottom and in heavy cover, the Hollow Body Craw sets a new standard in crawfish imitations.

The LIVETARGET Hollow Body Crawfish will be introduced in three lengths and weights (1 1/2” and 1/2 oz; 1 ¾” and 5/8 oz; or 2” and 3/4 oz) and available in eight bio-realistic color schemes (725 Grey/Brown, 723 Natural/Brown, 144 Brown/Red, 306 Red, 145 Olive/Orange, 146 Green Chartreuse, 147 Mud/Blue, and 148 Junebug/Chartreuse), allowing anglers to Match-the-HatchTM of the regional and molting variations of crawfish encountered in any bass waters they fish.

The LIVETARGET Hollow Body Craw will be available in late fall 2018, with an MSRP of $9.99-$11.49 USD.

Visit us in booth 2508 at ICAST 2018 for your first look at the LIVETARGET Hollow Body Craw, engineered to dominate bass fisheries everywhere!