The American-Made Titanium VISSER Pliers

From the original creator of the Van Staal titanium pliers, Robert Koelewyn introduces totally new designed Titanium pliers under his new VISSER Reels brand. These pliers are a major step forward over his original Van Staal designs.

The new pliers are 30% lighter with no loss of strength, better and more comfortable grip with narrower nose tip

The USA made cutters are produced from the most durable and toughest tool material, precision ground to slice though the strongest braid and easily cut softer wire as well.

The hinge design is rock solid, giving the jaws a vise like grip with virtually zero jaw twist, comfortably removing big hooks without worries.

Our patent pending split ring feature is standard on our pliers. This split ring feature is independent from the jaw. All split ring pliers today have that feature on the nose of the pliers and it gets in the way. Were as our pliers have the split ring feature separate from the jaw.
Replacement cutters are always available, and can be ordered as only the cutter, without the split ring notch for those that do not use split rings.

The pliers come with a tactical type Kydex holster. When inserted into the holster, they snap into place to secure. A high-quality lanyard is included for extra security to prevent loss. They also come with a full belt loop that can be adjusted in two positions, and the holster can be fully adjusted for either right- or left-hand use.

Two sizes are available a 6.5-inch and the larger 7.5-inch model. Lifetime warranty on the pliers, one year on the cutters, holster, and lanyard.

Stop by the VISSER Reels booth #4344 at ICAST, or visit VISSER Reels website.