The Alabama Rig® IV

Monday July 30, 2012- The Alabama Rig®, a patent pending product that revolutionized bass fishing techniques as well as salt water and Walleye methods, will now be available in a fully complete rig with the addition of The Alabama Rig® IV.

Andy Poss, inventor of The Alabama Rig® and Mann’s Bait Company announce the introduction of The Alabama Rig® IV. Designed for fresh water, The Alabama Rig® IV features 3 wires with spinnerbaits attached to make the rig ready to fish directly out of the package.

The spinnerbaits, also designed by Andy Poss, are made with the very highest in quality. The ¼ ounce spinnerbaits feature “superwire” plus all the quality components found in the famous “The Classic” spinnerbait made by Mann’s. The rig will be available with white, pulsating silicone skirts attached to the spinnerbaits and the fisherman can easily change skirt colors to suit fishing conditions. The spinnerbaits themselves can also be replaced by the fisherman. The Alabama Rig® IV will be available in mid-August.

Mann’s Bait Company, a leading manufacturer, produces a broad range of fish catching products for both fresh and saltwater markets, consisting of spinnerbaits, crankbaits, soft plastics, lead lures and hollow body baits.