Tear Through Cover with Gamakatsu’s G-Power Flip & Punch Hook

Tacoma, Washington – With help from late and great Aaron Martens’ brilliant insight, Gamakatsu developed the G-Power Flip & Punch Hook. A step up from the G-Finesse Heavy Cover Hook, the newly designed heavy style is the ultimate in-between hook for heavy to super heavy cover.

The TGW (Tournament Grade Wire) hook, paired with its welded eye, make this hook the strongest in Gamakatsu’s G-Series lineup. When using larger baits and weights for punching through grass mats and flipping into heavy timber, anglers need a versatile hook in all types of cover and can withstand extreme conditions. “Gamakatsu nailed it with the G-Power Hook,” said Jeff Roberts, Gamakatsu sales manager.

Martens thought of everything regarding the G-Power Flip & Punch Hook. This hook has a shortened point length providing less hook exposure in heavy cover; however, it leaves an ample amount of the hook exposed to penetrate through the biggest bass mouths. Reeling in a five-pound bass is a task, but when adding two pounds of weeds to it, the odds of losing that fish increase.

Gamakatsu’s new G-Power Flip & Punch Hook comes in various sizes 2/0, 3/0, 4/0 and 5/0 and is complemented by the Nano Smooth Coating finish ensuring this hook maintains Gamakastu’s reputation as the sharpest hook in the boat.

G-Power Worm Flip & Punch Hook Features:

  • TGW and Nano Smooth Coat
  • Aaron Martens custom tin keeper
  • Shortened point length for faster hook penetration
  • Heavy wire for serious flipping and punching
  • Size: 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0
  • Color: Nano Smooth Coat
  • Qty/Pack: 4


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