Talon Lures BillyMac Jig

Milam, Tex. –Talon Lures, the manufacturer of premium fishing tackle, has announced that their newest creation; the Billy McCaghren Billy Mac Jig is available now.

Billy McCaghren’s Signature Jig, the Talon Lures Shibui BillyMac Jig was designed with Bassmaster Elite Pro and Rookie of the Year Billy McCaghren to produce the ultimate in versatility and performance required to bring success at fishing’s most competitive level.

The BillyMac Jig head is in a class of its own, combining the features of a Flippin’ head, swimming head and football head to create a new style of jig head like no other. The Xtra Heavy Mustad Needlepoint Hook is angled to perform through the thickest cover whether flipping, casting or swimming. It also assures an unparalled hookset that puts fish in the boat, whether up close while Flippin’ or when dragging from a long distance.

The overall balance of the jig is designed to make it fall straight, making the BillyMac Jig an excellent choice for flipping grass, heavy brush and timber. A stout weed-guard and compact design create an incredibly snag resistant jig.

Billy also wanted the jig to excel at dragging across gravel bars and shell beds with similar performance to a football jig. The weight distribution and wide base of the jig make it a perfect fit for snag-free casting and dragging in these areas. The bait deflects off debris with a wobbling, skittering action similar to a football jig, attracting bass with both sound and vibration.

The BillyMac Jig features Talon’s V-Claw Bait Keeper to keep trailers secure. Because trailers are held securely they don’t interfere with the bite and last much longer so the angler needs fewer.

Colors are hand selected by McCaghren himself and, as with all Talon baits, skirts are hand tied and wire wrapped. BillyMac Jig is currently available in 3/8 and 1/2 ounce sizes with a 3/4 ounce size coming soon.