Take at Least Two and Call Me in the Morning

Coralville, IA – You know when your buddy had a slam-dunk evening ice fishing; the phone rings before sunrise and the bragging begins. A dire day, however, and it’s you that picks up the handset for confirmation, complete with ribbing, even ridicule if he’s one of those guys.

What’s a good day on the ice, the bragging kind? It’s fish on the ice, and lots of them. A bad day on the ice sees your chum tying on his only Custom Jigs & Spins’ ‘Gill Pill after figuring out it’s unique shape and action made it the only bait fickle-fish would take even look at.

A frustrating narrative, to say the least.

The moral of this too often told saga? Take more than one ‘Gill Pill with you every time out.

The attraction is predicated on the ‘Gill Pill’s distinctive flat-as-an-iron belly and bulbous shape that imparts a seductive wobble on the drop; one that ignites strikes. And that very ‘Gill Pill is offered in five sizes, some perfect for targeting the largest finned marauders in the mix, and all have an angle to their dangle that allocates improved hooksets.

As for its distinctive angular posture, it’s a heads-up 45-degree slant that allows the high-quality hook to penetrate with more power, so it’s a no-brainer for deep-water applications where obtaining positive hooksets is not always an easy task.

“The ‘Gill Pill is, no doubt, different than the average ice jig; it presents a not-quite-horizontal nor-vertical profile unlike others, and it’s smooth shape gives it a unusual action fish don’t often see, even on pressured lakes,” says custom Jigs & Spins pro staffer Loren Keizer, from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. “It falls through the water column quickly, yet with plenty of wiggle, and works well when tipped with live bait and plastics alike.” (The lure designers at Custom Jigs & Spins suggest tipping the Gill Pill with a Wedgee or Finesse Plastic for maximum effectiveness.)

The ‘Gill Pill comes in sizes from the tiny size 16 to the newer larger capsule size 8, and is offered in 10 colors to cover every water condition, including the new “Orange Tiger” and “Bumblebee” combinations that catch the attention of fish from afar. And every jig is finished with a brightly-decorated bead on its collar for added attraction.

Make all your days exceptional and grab a handful of ‘Gill Pills before setting foot on a frozen waterway. If one gets nipped off by a toothy predator, or sticky fingered by buddy, just reach in and grab another.