Tackle Management Redefined

Jupiter, Florida USA —- RIGRAP® has announced their exciting line of tangle free products for 2013-2014 that will be formally introduced at this year’s ICAST 2013 event in Las Vegas, July 10-12.

Less than a year ago, RIGRAP® introduced its first product to the fishing industry and due to the overwhelming interest, the company quickly moved its development of a full line of tangle free rig storage solutions and accessories into high gear.

From conveniently small to offshore extra-large, all combined, there are now 11 various sizes accessories of RIGRAPs; including a specialty RIGRAP® called the LURELOCKER4™ intended specifically for rigged baits and lures – talk about being rigged and ready; an extraordinarily convenient holder called the RIGRACK12™ which is designed to hold upwards of 12 RIGRAPs and comes with suction cups and straps for secure onboard placement; and a unique storage track system dubbed the RIGTRAC™ available in 2 sizes that can be easily installed on anything from a kayak to a state-of-the-art offshore high-end tackle station.

“Tangled rigs have always plagued Anglers. Having tried everything from baggies to foam blocks and everything in between, nothing seemed to be convenient and truly functional. One day while out fishing and faced yet again with a tangled mess, RIGRAP® was born. Keeping in mind customer suggestions and the various types of rigs being used and needing a tangle free storage solution, we set out to create a full line that would keep just about any type of rig conveniently stored, easily accessible and most importantly tangle free – I believe we’ve succeeded,” stated RIGRAP’s Glen Oberacker.

Along with RIGRAP’s expanding line of tangle free rig storage solutions and accessories, other industry innovators have taken notice of RIGRAP as well. RIGRAP is talking with an array of providers including; tackle box makers, terminal tackle providers, lure manufactures and boat makers about collaborating and incorporating RIGRAPs with their offerings.

There’s little question that RIGRAP is one of those products that has provided a practical solution to an always annoying problem and undoubtedly is set to become a staple in every Anglers tackle box.

RIGRAPs have a MSRP starting at only $3.95. For more information about RIGRAP®, look them up at www.rigraponline.com or by calling 561.200.5958


For those attending ICAST this year, make it a point to stop by and see RIGRAPs full line of tangle free rig storage solutions and accessories at booth 1156.