T-REIGN® Retractable Gear Tethers, Fisherman’s Friend

Fishermen all have at least one favorite accessory – from pliers to hemostats, and landing nets to wading staffs – they need to have always ready and available.

T-REIGN retractable gear tethers are the accessory that keeps these necessities safe, secure and ready for immediate action.

T-REIGN retractable gear tethers offer a range of sizes and attachment options to meet any requirement. With a carabiner, they connect easily to a D-ring, a belt loop or a strap. A stainless steel clip makes it slide easily on belts and straps but doesn’t slide off, and it has 360º rotation. With a hook-and-loop strap it secures to D-rings, straps and bars.

“With appreciation for the fisherman‘s essentials, we consider our retractable gear tethers to be the accessory to protect their necessities,” said Randy Martin, sales director for the T-REIGN (pronounced “terrain”) Outdoor Market. “Our goal for fishermen: never lose your gear again!”

There are four T-REIGN fishing models to meet the various sizes and applications of gear. All have a rugged Kevlar cord to assure reliable performance. The XD (Xtreme Duty), great for fishing nets and wading staffs, has a 36-inch cord with 14-ounce retraction force. The Large model has a 48-inch cord with 10-ounce retraction force. Both the XD and Large have a cord-lock to take tension off the cord. The Medium gear tether has a 36-inch cord with 6-ounce retraction force, and the Small model has a 24-inch cord with 4-ounce retraction force.

All have a quick disconnect gear attachment, and stainless steel springs and hardware. Proudly made in the USA, T-REIGN retractable gear tethers are backed by a Lifetime Service Policy.