T-H Marine Sponsors Elite Redfish Series

Nederland, TX – Headturners3, LLC producer of professional redfish events throughout the Gulf Coast region has secured the full and substantial support of marine products manufacturer, T-H Marine.

T-H Marine Supplies, Inc. has been serving the marine industry since 1975. The company is made up of boaters and fishermen who design products for boaters and fishermen. T-H Marine has been famous in freshwater tournament circuits for decades and now is expanding their sponsor involvement into the world of red fishing.

The exciting thing for the Elite Redfish Series is one of their products known as G-Juice.

G-Juice is a product that will absolutely help revolutionize fish care for both the anglers and the tour.

This product’s formulation was developed to aid in the shipping of live fish and other sea creatures to become seafood across the country. Therefore, it has to be effective but yet safe enough for human consumption. The Elite Redfish Series takes a lot of pride at the size and number of fish its pros can catch but equally as proud of the number of fish the Elite Redfish Series releases alive to be caught again at a tournament’s conclusion.

This product will aid in doing just that, whether on the boat in smaller quantities used by the pros or at the weigh in, in the 1,500 gallon G-Juice live redfish experience release tanks, G-Juice is going to keep fish alive longer and help return them to the water healthier.

Jeff Huntley, president of T-H Marine stated, “We are definitely happy to have the opportunity to support the Elite Redfish Series. When we learned about the attention Elite gives to the caring for and live releasing of the redfish with their “Live RedFish Experience”, we knew we wanted to be a part of that and help in that effort. We are just branching out into involvement in saltwater tournaments and the Elite Redfish Series jumped out as a really credible series for us to partner with.”

T-H Marine’s mission is to provide awesome products that help boaters pursue their passion on the water. They are a family-owned company that is fanatical about boating and fishing. T-H Marine is constantly striving to develop new and innovative products. T-H manufactures thousands of boat parts and boating & fishing accessories that are found on virtually every recreational boat built in the United States: including bass boats, pontoon boats, runabouts, ski boats, deck boats, offshore fishing boats, flats boats, aluminum fishing boats, and center console boats.

You can also find T-H Marine products in retail boating and fishing stores throughout the world. Some of their most well-known brands are: ATLAS™ Hydraulic jack plates, HydroWave™ electronic feeding stimulators, the Hot-Foot™ throttle, the Oxygenator™ livewell oxygen generator, G-Juice™ livewell treatment formula, G-Force™ trolling motor accessories, Tackle Titan™ tackle management systems, KVD KONG™ extreme electronic mounts, Wave Away™ electronics screen cleaner, and AquaBlaze™ LED lights. Please visit www.thmarine.com to see all of the great products and services they offer the pros and enthusiasts alike in the great outdoors of waterway fun.