Tailin' Toads Fingerless Fishing Gloves

Sun Protection for Anglers’ Hands

It is not unusual to see anglers wearing gloves and it is not unusual for angers that don’t wear gloves to reach for the hand lotion at the end of the day. Unprotected hands will become dry, red and cracked from being exposed to the sun all day.

So-called fingerless gloves have been on the market for sometime, but they are really half-finger gloves, not fingerless. Manny Altman, originator of Tailin’ Toads gloves had been wearing the available fingerless gloves.

“I couldn’t stand the smell or the seams between my fingers,” says Manny. “I wanted to be able to tie lures, land fish, rinse off the slime and still have the 50 UVP protection anglers need so desperately.”

Necessity being the mother of invention, Manny decided to make her own glove that would give her more comfort and allow her fingers to be completely free.

The first prototype was tested by Manny, her husband and some of their well known angler friends. The response was overwhelming. Manny knew she had created a glove than anglers liked.

The primary benefit of using Tailin’ Toads Fingerless Fishing Gloves is the protection from harmful UV rays and the prevention of skin cancer. The additional benefit to anglers is the complete freedom of movement allowed for the fingers. Threading line through rod guides, tying knots, handling fish and every other angling function is easier with the fingerless gloves. And, says Manny, “They are pretty cool looking too!”

Continuing her theme of sun protection she created a matching hand woven face shield. The product line has now expanded to include the original fingerless glove, a face shield, rod/reel covers, paddle covers, microfiber hats and performance shirts.

Tailin' Toads Fingerless Fishing Gloves

The full line of products can be viewed at www.tailintoads.com. Manny can be reached directly by email at tailintoads@yahoo.com.