Success Looks Crystal Clear to Anglers Wearing Fin-Nor Sunglasses

Columbia S.C. – Reaching the pinnacle of success for an elite angler comes with many challenges and requires a lot of hard work with a little bit of luck. Wins come when tournament anglers have the right mix of work ethic, skill, and equipment to match their effort on the water. One of the most critical tools that anglers rely on is their eyesight. A great pair of sunglasses that can cut through the glare and see the structure below means the difference between winning and losing.

Fin-Nor eyewear is making waves in the bass and walleye tours this year, with many freshwater pros turning to Fin-Nor because of their superior angler-designed technology. Fin-Nor’s exclusive Lateral Line™ lens technology improves vision on the water by enhancing color without distortion and offers a sharper, clearer view while fishing. Each frame is designed for all-day comfort and helps eliminate the barriers the sun creates between an angler and seeing their success crystal clear.

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Joey Cifuentes III found early success in his first year on the Bassmaster Elite series after dropping 85 pounds, 2 ounces on the scales at Lake Seminole, to take home a grand prize of $100,000. Joey’s Fin-Nor Pinder sunglasses played a big part in allowing him to keep his focus clear and decision-making sharp throughout his long tournament days.

“It’s incredibly important that my eyewear feels comfortable and eliminates fatigue so I can focus on the task at hand.” Says Joey Cifuentes, Fin-Nor bass Pro. “When the stakes are high, I need every advantage I can find during competitions. Fin-Nor sunglasses keep me prepared for the conditions I face out on the water and help me see my environment clearly which has been beneficial for my recent success.”

Fin-Nor has stepped up its angler presence in 2023 by adding nine freshwater anglers to its pro roster. This year’s team includes bass pros Hunter Shryock, Joseph Webster, Joey Cifuentes III, Keith Carson, Tom Redington, Jordan Lee, Keith Poche, and walleye pros Chase Parsons and Mark Courts.

Fin-Nor Technology Features:

  • Distortion-free color – A balanced approach to color enhancement that intensifies primary colors without color distortion. It creates a more natural and realistic experience that limits eye fatigue and makes it easier for the brain to quickly identify and process the view on and beneath the water’s surface.
  • Unmatched sharpness and a new era of polarization – Designed to cut through glare and haze, eliminating confusing light and optimizing visibility in aquatic environments, Fin-Nor’s superior lens technology reduces blue light transmittance, allowing your vision to cut through mist and haze like no other.
  • Engineered for the elements – Enhanced abrasion resistance and the industry’s only hydrophobic/oleophobic coatings on both sides of the lenses significantly reduce the negative impact of smudges, dust, and saltwater, which impede the ability to see and can cause permanent lens scratches.
  • Precision optics – Fin-Nor sunglasses feature the world’s best 7-layer anti-reflective coating on the glass lenses and 5-layer anti-reflective coating on the polycarbonate lenses, which prevents glare on the backside of lenses, sharpens vision, reduces eye strain, and allows for better visual acuity on the water.
  • UV blocking layer – Protects eyes 100% against UVB and UVA light.

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