Strike King Drops New Products At The 2021 Classic

Strike King’s newest products, introduced at the 2021 Bassmaster Classic in Fort Worth, deliver the quality and performance anglers have come to expect from the brand, and go one step further. New offerings for line, sunglasses, and wire baits pushed them to up their game, and they’ll bring your fishing to new heights.

Keep an eye to your nearest retailer for the following awesome new products as they hit store shelves in the coming days and weeks.


With so many fishing lines to choose from on the market today, Strike King has made the decision easy – just choose the best.

Introducing Strike King Primal, the innovative, performance-class fishing line that is priced for exceptional value. No longer will anglers sacrifice top quality line to find one they can afford. With Primal, anglers can expect the best of both worlds – next-generation performance and a reasonable price.

To develop the Primal Series of Fluorocarbon, Monofilament and Braid, Strike King turned to world class engineers and state-of-the-art manufacturing, as well as some of the top anglers in the sport.

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With a relentless drive to offer anglers new tools to catch more fish, Strike King Lure Company is pleased to announce the new Andy Montgomery Skip’ N Buzz. This game-changing lure is specifically built to help anglers target out-of-reach fish in places where few baits will go. The legendary Strike King buzzbait, with a new design twist, is reshaping the way anglers find and catch fish.

To engineer this innovative design, Strike King turned to arguably the most proficient skipping and pitching angler on the water, Bass Pro Tour veteran Andy Montgomery. For two of his tour-level wins in his career — on Lake Norman and Smith Lake — the Blacksburg, SC native credits his ability to skip a lure into the dark recesses underneath a dock to target tournament-winning fish.

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For more than a quarter of a century the Strike King Lure Company has crafted the most dependable and stylish fishing eyewear in the industry. Strike King is back in 2021 with a new lineup, delivering new styles, and even better science, in the Rogue and Catawba sunglasses.

Strike King’s remarkable engineering behind the multi-layer lens is what sets Rogue apart from the competition. The super hydrophobic top coating of the Rogue lens stops condensation from absorbing into these 100% polarized optics, keeping the angler’s vision free from water obstruction, while several subsequent layers of the lens shed dirt and debris. Most critically, seven separate layers provide anti-reflective defense to fight glare from the sky above, as well as from the surface of the water below. The result is a cleaner, clearer, higher level of subsurface vision, precisely what is most important to the serious angler.

Strike King’s new Catawba sunglasses offer exceptional performance at a great value. The Catawba features specifically designed TAC (Tri-Acetate Cellulose) polarized lenses for unequalled performance. The TAC lenses are stable in all weather and humidity conditions and will never compromise in optical quality.

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