Strike King Debuts Carolina Chrome Soft Baits

Columbia, S.C. – Strike King introduces one of the most sought-after color variations to the soft bait category – Carolina Chrome. Recognizing the need for a soft bait color that truly resembles the flash of a blueback herring and other species of baitfish is what encouraged Strike King to create the Carolina Chrome soft bait color extension. While chrome colors are very popular for hard baits, the team at Strike King saw an opportunity to create the same reflective effect in a more finessed, soft bait version.

Loaded with silver chrome flake, these baits catch light from every angle and emit an intense reflection for a unique flash to mimic baitfish evading a predator, encouraging an increased number of aggressive strikes. This color is bound to be successful in various locations across North America, expresses Strike King’s Brand Manager Lucas Murphy. “Carolina Chrome is designed to flash and shine like a herring or other shad that the bass are chasing all across the country,” he says. “Bass love chrome… Carolina Chrome!”

The Carolina Chrome color is extremely effective in clear water situations in which fish rely on their vision to feed. This color will excel year-round in lakes where bass feed on herring, shad, and other flashy baitfish. It will be a staple in the southern and southeastern regions of the country but will find success in nearly any clear to stained water conditions.

At $6.99 MSRP, the Blade Minnow, Caffeine Shad, Swim’n Caffeine Shad, and Rage Swimmer will be available in Carolina Chrome online and at retailers starting on March 20, in time for herring and shad spawns. This selection of baits works great as trailers and will add flash to swimjigs, Thunder Crickets, spinnerbaits, and buzzbaits.

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