Storm Clean-Up Solutions from Star Brite

In the wake of the flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy, many residents of the NE US are facing monumental cleanup chores of not just their boats, but their homes, offices, cars and more. The two most common problems resulting from flood conditions are moldy, foul odors and corrosion from exposure to salt. Star brite’s solutions are the MDG Mold Odor Control Systems and Salt Off with PTEF®.

Salt Off is formulated to remove salt deposits from any non-porous surface, leaving behind a protective PTEF polymer barrier to help repel salt. It is ideal for restoring any metal surfaces that have been exposed to salt water, including boats, cars, motorcycles, trucks as well as all other metal surfaces. Salt Off is available in a handy 22 fluid ounce spray bottle as well as in concentrated form in quart and gallon sizes. When used with the Salt Off Applicator, it is well-suited for treating large areas as well as for flushing the cooling systems of engines exposed to salt water. The biodegradable, non-toxic formula will not harm the environment and is safe for use around people and pets. It will not harm painted surfaces nor fiberglass, plastic, rubber or glass surfaces. Salt Off is very easy to use; simply spray the treated areas, allowing the formula to soak in. After 30 minutes, rinse with fresh water. The protective PTEF polymers will bond to the treated areas, creating a barrier to future deposits.

MDG Mold Odor Control utilizes an extremely effective, deep-penetrating chlorine dioxide vapor that permeates throughout an enclosed area to completely eliminate any existing foul smell or odor. It is available in a Slow Release version that ensures indoor air quality for up to 3 months, as well as a Fast Release system that works overnight, and is very well suited to restore cars, homes, and other enclosed areas. This safe technology has been used for years in hospitals, food processing plants, hotels and more to eliminate and prevent foul odors.

NOTE: In cases where both Salt Off and MDG will be used, it is important to use Salt Off before deploying the MDG unit. Salt Off will remove salt deposits from the interior and exterior surfaces being treated, helping to prevent any adverse corrosive reaction caused by salt or salt mist coming in contact with or in close proximity to the MDG system. The MDG system must be deployed following the directions printed on the packaging.

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