Star brite TC-W3® Oils Turn Profits

Most boaters make two stops on the way to the ramp: the tackle shop for fresh bait and the gas station for fuel. This is when they realize they’ve forgotten essential items like TC-W3® oil or a fuel treatment. With every one of the many two-cycle outboard engines on the water in need of TC-W3® oil in order to run, this presents a unique opportunity to capture more business.

Before we break it down to figure out what works best for your operation, let’s talk a little about 2-cycle oil.

TC-W3® Certification establishes a minimum set of test standards that a 2-cycle oil must pass. What then differentiates oils are the additives that enhance it beyond the minimum requirements, adding lubricity, detergency, and smoke control. The right balance of these additives is especially important with 2-cycle engines, since oil is burned with the fuel.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association® (NMMA) worked with the TOP engine manufacturers to create the strictest of standards set forth with the TC-W3® specification. These certifications give consumers the freedom of choice in selecting the right oil for their engine with confidence, knowing the oil meets ALL OEM requirements, as well as NOT voiding any warranties.

This is worth repeating: All TC-W3®-certified oils meet ALL OEM requirements and WILL NOT void warranties. Knowing this empowers you, the dealer, to carry the brand/s that you choose or that your customers want without being locked into a specific OEM.

So how do you choose? Well, as a dealer, you have three main approaches in stocking oil: an OEM brand, a bargain brand, or a known, trusted brand such as Star brite.

OEM Brand

Let’s start with the OEM. The appeal of an OEM brand to your customers is a given: they want the same logo on their oil that’s on their engine. Case closed. One catch…to give them that, you now have to carry eight different brands in multiple sizes, when you only have space for one. Plus, OEM brands are usually not priced cheaply.

OEM Oil = High price | Medium quality | Low Sell-thru

Bargain brand

Money talks. And sometimes a low price is more enticing than it should be. We all know that we should put a high-quality oil in our $20,000+ engine, but, hey, who has any money left after the $20k, right? Bargain brands might appear to move off the shelf faster, but your customers will soon know the difference and will look elsewhere to find a premium oil, essentially losing that potential add-on sale that was the whole point of adding oils to your lineup in the first place.

Bargain Oil = Low price | Low quality | High Sell-thru

Trusted brand like Star brite

Star brite TC-W3® oils are formulated with the highest-quality compounds and ingredients to meet or exceed all engine manufacturer specifications to ensure they will not void warranties. The entire line utilizes a semi-synthetic base to which is added premium compounds to provide protection against corrosion, wear, heat, piston sticking and pre-ignition issues. The clean-burning, high-detergent formulas help remove and prevent deposits in the fuel delivery system. The result is an oil that has a very attractive price point yet outperforms OEM offerings.

Unlike the bargain brands that boaters don’t want to use in their expensive engines, Star brite TC-W3® oils are blended using the best ingredients and formulas to ensure maximum performance. They are also priced attractively, especially when compared to expensive OEM brands. Star brite TC-W3® oils are safe for all two-stroke boat and PWC engines and will not void warranties.

Star brite oil = Medium price | High quality | High Sell-thru

The Star brite brand is one of the oldest names in marine chemicals, and Star brite branded products uphold rigid standards of quality and performance. The oil line is no different. With over 5 million gallons sold without a single issue, Star brite brand oils are tried and trusted nationwide.

Whichever route you choose, there is proven opportunity to increase sales. For more information or ideas on planograms, item setups, or recommendations for your operation, reach out to our experts here at Star brite either by phone, online at, or come by Booth 2033 at ICAST and we’ll give you the tools you need to strike black (or green) gold.