Star Brite Supports Its Dealers Like Family

The Spring of 2021 is bringing new and everlasting changes with it. As travel opens up, boat ramps are crowded once again, and almost every customer is a new customer. The retail front is facing challenges of scale and support.

Picture this: your store is packed with scores of new boat owners and fishermen, not only looking for the most trusted products but also asking how to use them, and why, and how often. There just isn’t enough time or space to either answer everything or stock all of the products they’re asking for.

“That’s where Star brite excels,” says Greg Dornau, EVP of Sales & Marketing at Star brite. “We make it as easy as possible on dealers to sell our products. We do it a few ways, but most importantly, we manufacture SKUs that fit any store or space in a store, and then we back it up with first class customer support for both you and your customers.”

First, let’s cover the issue of space. With limited room, it’s difficult to merchandise anything beyond what your sign says: bait and tackle. However, the opportunity to sell products with higher returns, such as highly consumable maintenance products, isn’t out of reach.

“The opportunity is ripe,” continues Dornau. “Every fisherman makes two stops on their way to the dock: they stop to fuel up, and they stop to get bait. But anyone who owns a boat knows you need a lot more than gas and chum for a day on the water. Boat Wash, Deck Cleaner, TC-W3® oil, fuel treatment. These are all high-margin products that are also highly consumable. And all made by Star brite.”

The Star brite line of enzyme fuel treatments, Star Tron®, for example, is available in multiple configurations and sizes to fit any retail setting. Whether it’s a countertop display of single ounce “shooters,” or a hanging “sidekick” of 8oz bottles, we offer an entire line to choose from.

Now let’s talk about support. This can come in so many forms, and Star brite does its best to make sure our dealers know that. It starts at the tradeshows. If you’ve ever walked into our booth (even virtually!), we take the time to explain every single product and its uses, including the ins and outs of how a fuel treatment really can extend the life of an engine. What most of our customers are surprised by, though, is that when you call our main line to ask a question, you get transferred to that same salesman that you talked to in our booth. That’s right, all of our sales team are also our tech crew and customer service team. We believe that to truly understand the needs of our dealers, the most direct route is to actually talk to them and listen.

This goes for your customers as well. If they call our line, they also talk to the same team. Meaning they’ll receive the same answer as if you called yourself.

“I still answer customer calls,” Mr. Dornau calls. “It’s the best way to understand our products and make them better year after year.”

Aside from the authentic knowledgebase, Star brite also works to decrease the number of times you actually have to call, by creating in-store educational pieces for you and your customers to learn from. Fuel 101–a trifold made freely available to dealers who stock Star Tron–is a concise tool for anyone looking to answer questions about fuel—like that engine that won’t turn over, or how a fuel treatment may be something to try before heading to the repair shop.

Pandemic or no, there will always be new opportunities to market to your customers and increase your bottomline. Knowing that the entire team at Star brite has your back, ready to help out where we can, is also a relief. And it doesn’t hurt that we manufacture stellar, reliable, made-in-the-USA products that we stand behind. That makes Star brite a name you can trust. For more information, call us up or check out our website at And yes, it’s manned by real humans.