This Fishing Artwork Could Sell for Over $50,000 at Auction

Some of sportfishing’s finest artwork is headed to the auction gallery, and you might be surprised at the estimated price. 


The pieces in question, “Blue Marlin Striking at Baits” and “Autumn Hunters” were painted by Stanley Meltzoff, whose work fetches some of the highest prices in outdoor art. Meltzoff is considered by many to be foremost painter of saltwater fish who ever lived, and though he passed away in 2006, his work has lived on in the galleries of collectors. The work is truly incredible—if you can afford it.

Though his work is widely available online, most of the collection goes for over $10,000; though many are in the $40,000 and up range. Last year, a Metlzoff sold for over $100,000—an unheard of sum for his field.

Meltzoff first gained notoriety illustrating wartime Italy for the Defense-Department run Stars and Stripes newspaper during World War II, and is credited by being one of the most talented artists and illustrators of the 20th century. In the early 1960s, Meltzoff started painting saltwater sport fish, earning features in Sports Illustrated, Field & Steam, Outdoor Life and other popular publications of the era. A co-written book of Meltzoff’s life is available from Silverfish Press.

Officials estimate the two paintings up for grabs in a few weeks to sell in the mid-five figure range. That, in the scheme of art collection is a bargain. After all, the most expensive painting ever sold, The Card Players by Cézanne was sold for $259 million in 2011 to the State of Qatar.

Meltzoff’s auction will be held on September 13th by the Jackson Hole Art Auction. Interest is expected to be high.