St. Croix Seage Surf Series Now Available

St. Croix’s all-new tech-forward Seage Surf Series includes 12 two-piece spinning rods, handcrafted for unparalleled strength and durability in a slim and lightweight design. Seage models range from 7’ to 12’ with medium-light to heavy powers and retail between $210 and $380 with a 15-year warranty.

New Seage rods begin with a brand-new formulation of premium, light, and sensitive SCII carbon material, which increases flexural strength while reducing weight. From there, St. Croix adds ARTTM and all-new Veil technology. ART is an exotic carbon fiber material that adds a significant magnitude of hoop strength to keep the rod section from ovaling under load with virtually no increases in blank diameter or weight. Veil is a tri-blend of carbon fiber, fiberglass and explicit resin, combined to exponentially reduce the effects of impact on blank integrity. Veil protects rods from bumps, lure knocks and other impacts that could otherwise cause damage and lead to rod failure. For the surf angler, all of this means they can enjoy fishing a slim, lightweight, and sensitive Seage rod, which also maintains extreme, next-level strength and durability.

In addition to slim, lightweight performance, extreme strength and rock-solid durability, surf anglers will notice an all-new handle design on new Seage surf rods comprised of X-Flock-covered slim-diameter handles and Winn® comfort-focused foregrips which are minimalistic, sleek, and tech-forward. X-Flock is essentially a textured shrink tube that St. Croix forms directly over the blank. This gives the handle a slim profile with a very grippy and tacky feel, combined with slight compression for added comfort. Meanwhile, comfort-focused Winn polymer foregrips reduce hand fatigue for longer, more-comfortable fishing.

The 12 distinct models in the all-new Seage Series lineup cover the most popular lengths, powers, and actions, as well as some new configurations surf anglers were specifically requesting. Some of the 7’ to 9’ models were engineered and delivered to meet the unique needs of the Western coastal markets, where surf anglers have been asking for new rods better suited for smaller species, lighter lures, and fish closer to the beach. These smaller two-piece models give anglers the 50/50 splits they requested. At the other end of the spectrum, the new Seage Series also includes a 12’ heavy power model that’s capable of bombing a full one-pound payload beyond the bar. Longer Seage two-piece models feature angler-preferred 60/40 or 70/30 offsets.

All-New St. Croix Seage Series Models

  • SES70MLMF – 7’0”, ML power, MF action spinning / Retail $210
  • SES70MMF – 7’0”, M power, MF action spinning / Retail $220
  • SES80MMF – 8’0”, M power, MF action spinning / Retail $230
  • SES90MLMF2 – 9’0”, ML power, MF action, 2-piece spinning / Retail $290
  • SES90MM2 – 9’0”, M power, M action, 2-piece spinning / Retail $290
  • SES90MMF2 – 9’0”, M power, MF action, 2-piece spinning / Retail $290
  • SES100MMF2 – 10’0”, M power, MF action, 2-piece spinning / Retail $300
  • SES106MLMF2 – 10’6”, ML power, MF action, 2-piece spinning / Retail $300
  • SES106MM2 – 10’6”, M power, M action, 2-piece spinning / Retail $300
  • SES106MHMF2 – 10’6”, MH power, MF action, 2-piece spinning / Retail $300
  • SES110MHMF2 – 11’0”, MH power, MF action, 2-piece spinning / Retail $320
  • SES120HMF2 – 12’0”, H power, MF action, 2-piece spinning / Retail $380


Headquartered in Park Falls, Wisconsin, St. Croix has been proudly producing the “Best Rods on Earth” for nearly 75 years. Combining state-of-the-art manufacturing processes with skilled craftsmanship, St. Croix is the only major producer to still build rods entirely from design through manufacturing. The company remains family-owned and operates duplicate manufacturing facilities in Park Falls and Fresnillo, Mexico. With popular trademarked series such as Legend®, Legend Xtreme®, Avid®, Premier®, Imperial®, Triumph® and Mojo, St. Croix is revered by all types of anglers from around the world.