SS Viper Spoon

SS Viper Spoon

The new SS Viper Spoon is super strong and is designed to catch a variety of both saltwater and freshwater game fish. With high quality, super sharp/strong big-game hooks and a solid stainless steel ‘tooth-proof’ harness, the SS Viper Spoon is super tough.

The new SS Viper Spoon is designed to accommodate bait which may be live bait, cut bait or artificial bait. It allows the added bait to have its own action , thus creating two great fish-attracting actions in one lure.

The SS Viper Spoon has the perfect mix of flash, flutter, and bait that both salt water and fresh water game fish, simply cannot resist. What a perfect combination! The flash, flutter and bait equate to increased strike ratios.

If the trailing bait is scented, it also creates a SS Viper Spooncent trail for fish to home-in-on and strike. Unlike a fish approaching a bare spoon and possibly turning away, the enticing action of the trailing bait proves to be irresistible, producing more strikes.

Ideal for drifting or trolling, the SS Viper Spoon is very effective at slow and fast speeds. A 1 MPH drift will kick the SS Viper Spoon into action which is fantastic for enticing those tentative fish. You may also troll at faster speeds, up to 5 MPH, for those aggressive fish. Either way the SS Viper Spoon is ready for action.

The new SS Viper Spoon is available in a beaded or buck tail model. There are a variety of colors and 2 sizes to help you target different species of fish.

The size SS20 has a 3 ¾ inch spoon and is paired with a 3/0 and 5/0 hook combo. The size SS40 has a 4 3/4 inch spoon and is paired with a 7/0 and 9/0 hook combo. So whether you are an angler who likes to use natural or artificial bait, fish in salt water or fresh water; the multi-species SS Viper Spoon is your perfect lure!

Enticing action with great results – Snap on an SS Viper Spoon and get ready to “fish the good life”!